Boycott List of Shame

At the Canadian BDS Coalition, one of the questions we receive most frequently is: “Which products and businesses should we boycott? Which businesses should we support, if we want to support Palestinian rights and liberation?”

Of course, the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions isn’t just about individual consumer choices — it’s about building collective power and challenging Israeli apartheid through cultural boycott, academic boycott and military embargo, in addition to the economic boycott of Israeli products and products produced by corporations profiting from the occupation. However, there are some key companies and products that are the targets of national and global boycott campaigns that we highlight on our “List of Shame.” This list also highlights Canadian companies that profit from occupation or that donate to, support and market occupation products. We view this list as a helpful tool to help individuals decide how to direct their shopping — but also for local Palestine solidarity groups, labour unions, social justice campaigners and others to find intersections around corporate complicity and determine local targets for campaigning.

Boycott List/List of Shame

This is a new project, so we know our list is not complete! Use our form to ensure complicit companies are on this boycott list!

Ahava – This cosmetic company’s factory and visitor centre is located in an illegal Israeli settlement, and the company’s activities are based on extracting resources from the Dead Sea in occupied Palestine.

General Mills – General Mills is on the UN’s list of corporations complicit with Israeli settlements due to their activities in illegal colonial settlements in the West Bank. They produce many cereals sold across Canada, as well as Pillsbury products (below).

Hewlett Packard – HP and its spin-off companies are involved in contracts to track the Palestinian population, secure the siege on Gaza and document the imprisonment of Palestinians. Boycott HP products, printers, computers and other devices.

Israeli Dates and other Agricultural Products (Jordan River, Mehadrin, La Palma, Bomaja, King Solomon, Prana, NBF and others — check the label!) – Israeli dates and other agricultural products are grown on stolen Palestinian land, often through the exploitation of Palestinian labour under colonization. Nearly 75% of the Medjoul dates on the market are sold as “Products of Israel.” Boycott Israeli products and purchase Palestinian agricultural produce instead.

Israeli Wines – Boycott “Israeli” wines grown on occupied Palestinian and Syrian lands. In many provinces, government-owned liquor stores are selling these wines, making them directly complicit in the war crimes being committed on stolen land. Learn more about the #BoycottIsraeliWines campaign.

Pillsbury – Pillsbury is a subsidiary of General Mills. This means that Pillsbury products have been cited by the UN for their complicity and involvement with illegal settlements. Even the Pillsbury family has spoken out against Pillsbury’s involvement in apartheid.

Puma – This sportswear company is the sponsor of the Israel Football Association, officially sponsoring racist teams like Beitar, teams in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, and an entire structure of Israeli colonialism.

Seacret “Dead Sea” Products – Like Ahava, Seacret’s business model is based on the extraction of Palestinian resources from the Dead Sea.

SodaStream – These machines and accessories are made by an Israeli company in the occupied Naqab. SodaStream is complicit in the ongoing displacement projects targeting Palestinian Bedouin villages and homes

Sabra Hummus – This product is produced in a joint venture between PepsiCo and the Strauss Group. The Strauss Group financially supports the Israeli occupation army.

TEVATeva Pharmaceuticals is Israel’s largest pharmaceutical company, which contributes millions of dollars in taxes each year to the Israeli regime and its military. Teva has also filed lawsuits against boycott campaigners in France in an attempt to silence these campaigns.

Wix – This web management company is an Israeli product. If you are looking for apartheid-free web hosting, steer clear of Wix. Boycott Apartheid, Boycott WIX



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