Boycott List of Shame

At the Canadian BDS Coalition, one of the questions we receive most frequently is: “Which products and businesses should we boycott? Which businesses should we support, if we want to support Palestinian rights and liberation?”

Of course, the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions isn’t just about individual consumer choices — it’s about building collective power and challenging Israeli apartheid through cultural boycott, academic boycott and military embargo, in addition to the economic boycott of Israeli products and products produced by corporations profiting from the occupation. However, there are some key companies and products that are the targets of national and global boycott campaigns that we highlight on our “List of Shame.” This list also highlights Canadian companies that profit from occupation or that donate to, support and market occupation products. We view this list as a helpful tool to help individuals decide how to direct their shopping — but also for local Palestine solidarity groups, labour unions, social justice campaigners and others to find intersections around corporate complicity and determine local targets for campaigning.

Boycott List/List of Shame

This is a new project, so we know our list is not complete! Use our form to ensure complicit companies are on this boycott list!

City of Vancouver

Despite strong and diverse community pushback, #VanCityCouncil has adopted the divisive and dangerous IHRA definition. The IHRA is designed to “chill” speech on Palestine, but activists in Vancouver were clear  that they will not be silenced. #NoIHRA

Aldo: Canadian company with stores in Israel

Actuonix Motion Devicesa Canadian company, are making components being used by the Israeli military.

The Aga Khan Museum (Toronto), a museum with a mandate to offer perspective and insight into the Islamic civilization, hosted  an event in 2018 that  sponsored by the Israeli consulate.

Ahava – This cosmetic company’s factory and visitor centre is located in an illegal Israeli settlement, and the company’s activities are based on extracting resources from the Dead Sea in occupied Palestine.

Airbnb – After initially committing to stop listing rentals in Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, Airbnb did a complete reversal, and will now continue to allow rentals on stolen Palestinian land. The Canadian Airbnb HQ is part of MaRS Discovery District, the flagship innovation hub for business, government, and community.  Pledge to deactivate your Airbnb account  Also Expedia and Booking.

Amazon – invested $7.2B in Israel in summer 2023, delivers to settlements. $1.22 billion contract to provide cloud technology to the Israeli government and military

Aroma– store in Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim. Buys milk from Israeli settlements.

Bryan Adams played apartheid Israel in 2017.

Ballet BC –  danced apartheid Israel in 2018.

BCLiquor, LCBO, SAQ and other Canadian provincial and territorial liquor agencies carrying apartheid Israeli wine and other products. (See below info on Israeli wine)

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) is invested in a number of companies which are on the UN Database such as Bak Hapolim, Israel Discount Bank Ltd, and others. Also, it is invested in Elbit, Palantir, WSP, Allied Universal (G4S) and others. In fact CDPQ is the largest invested shareholder in Allied Universal. See letter in le Devoir.

Chapters Inc. is a Canadian bookstore banner owned by Indigo Books and Music. It operates superstores under the banners Chapters and Indigo, and smaller stores under the banners Coles, Indigospirit, SmithBooks and The Book Company. Two of the major owners founded the Heseg Foundation for Lone Soldiers, aimed at encouraging foreigners to join the Israeli army, and pursue their studies in Israel.

Canadian Pension Plan Investment Boardinvests at least 7 percent of our public pension in Israeli war crimes

Celine Dion for playing apartheid

Chevron –  multinational US fossil fuel company is the main international corporation extracting gas by apartheid Israel from the Mediterranean.

Costco- carries Hadiklaim Medjoul and other Israeli product. It is reported the Costco sells produce from Oppy which indicates on their website products are imported from Israel.

Cott Corporation (Now: Primo Water Corporation)-a North American and European water, coffee and coffee extracts, tea and filtration solutions service company. The company’s subsidiary, Eden Springs, extracts water from a spring in the occupied Syrian Golan. By extracting water from the Golan for decades, the company is exploiting Syrian resources and strengthening Israel’s control over the occupied Syrian Golan. (See Eden Springs below.) The company’s subsidiary, Eden Springs, extracts water from a spring in the occupied Syrian Golan. Company brands include: Alhambra, Athena, Belmont Springs, Sierra Springs, Crystal Springs, Hinckley Springs, Kentwood Springs, Sparkletts, Labrador Source, Canadian Springs, Mount Olympics, Crystal Rock, The Mountain Valley, Amazon Springs Water, and Eden.

Duty Free Americas – the Falic family, owners of the US Duty Free Americas shops, donated at least $5.6 million to settler organizations in West Bank over past decade.

Eden Springs – According to Who Profits, the company extracts and distributes mineral water. The company operates in Europe through the brand Eden. The company extracts water from a spring in the occupied Syrian Golan, By extracting water from the Golan for decades, the company is exploiting Syrian resources and strengthening Israel’s control over the occupied Syrian Golan. Through the company Hydra Dutch Holdings 2 B.V, Eden Springs is part of the company Cott- Water and Coffee Services, a public company based in Canada and USA, traded in NYSE and TSX under the symbols COTT and BCB. In 2020, Cott completed its purchase of Primo Water Corporation. Products include water, water dispensers, refill machines, and filtration equipment. (See Cott Corporation above for more details on brands.)  Refreshco is Cott’s bottler

Enovid by SaNOtize -nasal spray to prevent and treat covid developed in Canada but manufactured and shipped from Israel.

FIFA – The Canadian BDS Coalition is pleased to be one of the initiating organizations for #KickOutApartheid

Fruit Dome – a Montreal based fresh produce importer has sold herbs and perhaps other produce from Israel. Check labels closely and ask for clear indication of the country of origin of any product purchased.

General Mills – General Mills is on the UN’s list of corporations complicit with Israeli settlements due to their activities in illegal colonial settlements in the West Bank. They produce many cereals sold across Canada, as well as Pillsbury products (below).  On May 31, 2022, General Mills said it will  stop making Pillsbury products on stolen Palestinian land.

Amazon and Google’s collaboration with Israeli apartheid is part of a larger pattern of Big Tech fueling state violence across the globe. Tech companies like Amazon and Google are the new war profiteers and have dismal human rights records. Check out the #NoTechForApartheid campaign.

Green Party of Canada – forgot to update their Policy in regard to Palestine that was ratified by their membership (by over 90%)

Habourfront (Toronto) – Harbourfront’s  2022 International Dance Festival “Torque” was opened by the Israeli Dance Troup L-E-V. Harbourfront did not respond to over 3400 letters calling for cancelling this “Brand Israel” group.

HSBC: The international HSBC bank is a major shareholder in companies selling weapons and military technology to Israel and also provides those companies with the loans they need to operate. See action you can take.

Hewlett Packard – HP and its spin-off companies are involved in contracts to track the Palestinian population, secure the siege on Gaza and document the imprisonment of Palestinians. Boycott HP products, printers, computers and other devices. Join as an HP-Free zone and/or get your “this is my last HP” sticker.

Holland-Bloorview (Canada’s leading children hospital for rehabilitation), March of Dimes, and the Ontario government accessibility leadership went to Israel in 2019 learn about accessibility, supporting the accessibility washing of Israeli war crimes.

International Cellars Inc – Most Israeli wine distributed to all of Canada’s four western provinces comes through one Vancouver-based company, International Cellars Inc. They promote wines from the Golan Heights Winery and its joint venture, Galil Mountain Winery, as well as the Teperberg 1870 Winery (which openly shows its vineyards in occupied Palestinian territory on its website). Read more.

Israeli Dates and other Agricultural Products (Jordan River, Mehadrin, La Palma, Bomaja, King Solomon, Prana, NBF and others — check the label!) – Israeli dates and other agricultural products are grown on stolen Palestinian land, often through the exploitation of Palestinian labour under colonization. Nearly 75% of the Medjoul dates on the market are sold as “Products of Israel.” Boycott Israeli products and purchase Palestinian agricultural produce instead.

Israeli Wines – Boycott “Israeli” wines grown on occupied Palestinian and Syrian lands. In many provinces, government-owned liquor stores are selling these wines, making them directly complicit in the war crimes being committed on stolen land. Learn more about the #BoycottIsraeliWines campaign.

Laline – Israeli company with stores in Canada, and has stores in occupied Palestine and occupied Syrian Golan

lululemon – Canadian company opens stores in Israel

Justin Bieber for playing apartheid

Manitoba Hydro, through its subsidiary Manitoba Hydro International, has with the Israel Electric Corporation relates to licenses and maintenance for software that simulates and analyzes power systems. A number of other Canadian utility companies have failed to indicate if they have an agreement with Israel Electric Corporation despite being asked multiple times. You can see the list here.

McDonald’s– provided free meals to Israeli military

McGill UniversityIn 2022, the McGill administration has threatened to terminate an agreement with the undergraduate student union that would withhold its funding after the student union adopted (71% approval) the Palestine Solidarity Policy in its campus referendum.

Moxies:  employees fired for supporting a pro-Palestinian protestors in Toronto

The Jim Pattison Group- a reactionary Evangelical Christian Zionist (or as the Israeli media called him, an “Evangelical billionaire”) who has financially supported many right-wing projects, including last year a donation of NIS 10.6 million ($2.9 million) to “Israeli Roots Journey”. This project is run by the group Mibereshit(1), is co-funded by the Israeli state, and has been referred to by some teachers in Israel as “incessant indoctrination”. Boycott all divisions and outlets(3) of the enormous and global Jim Pattison group, which boasts 455 locations world wide. Join us by endorsing this campaign and sending the message that oppression of the Palestinian people will not be tolerated!!

Pillsbury – Pillsbury is a subsidiary of General Mills. This means that Pillsbury products have been cited by the UN for their complicity and involvement with illegal settlements. Even the Pillsbury family has spoken out against Pillsbury’s involvement in apartheid. On May 31, 2022, General Mills said it will  stop making Pillsbury products on stolen Palestinian land.

PayPal – Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza are unable to use PayPal services, while Israeli settlers living in the West Bank have full access to the platform. Not having access to PayPal limits the growth of Palestinian businesses — especially the burgeoning tech sector, which is providing employment and livelihood to Palestinians. Sign Petition.

PepsiCo- is in partnership with Tempo Beverages. See listing under Tempo. PepsiCo includes Lays, Starbucks, Ruffles,  Quaker Oats, Aquafine, Sabra, Bubly, Tostitos, Quaker Oats, 7UP, Mountain-Dew, Gatorade, Cheetos, Fritos, Liptons, Munchies, Miss Vickies, Ocean Spray, Tazo  and others. To check out if a product is part of PepsiCo line up check out

PlantX –  opened stores in Israel, along with vegan-washing.

Puma – This sportswear company is the sponsor of the Israel Football Association, officially sponsoring racist teams like Beitar, teams in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, and an entire structure of Israeli colonialism. The Canadian BDS Coalition campaign has been focused on Puma in Canada.

Puma Toronto Women’s Run Series – Given Puma is involved in violations of international law and human rights as a main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), the Toronto Women’s Run Series needs to consider how this reflects on their own image and integrity through this flagship sponsorship.

RE/MAX ’s Israeli franchise has offices in the West Bank colonies of Ma’ale Edomim and Oranit, as well as in occupied East Jerusalem. RE/MAX also sells and rents homes located in the occupied Palestinian territories. Learn more.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) – has over 2 M shares valued at over $56 M USD in Palantir holdings. This relationship flies in the face of the recently offered option of a market-linked guaranteed investment certificate based upon environmental, social, and governance investigations which preclude investments in divisive and dangerous elements of society. The RBC also is invested in a number of companies listed in the UN data base and has indicated it can not divest these from their equity instruments, and also we stand in solidarity with the call for the RBC to divest from Costal GasLink. Royal Bank donated money to Israel after Oct. 7, 2023.

Sabra Hummus – This product is produced in a joint venture between PepsiCo and the Strauss Group. The Strauss Group financially supports the Israeli occupation army.

Scotiabank – investments in UN data base companies complicit with settlement -Bank Leumi and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank-  as per Bank Track and also major investor in the Israel’s largest arms manufacturer, Elbit. Shame on Scotiabank #Shut Elbit Down.

Seacret “Dead Sea” Products – Like Ahava, Seacret’s business model is based on the extraction of Palestinian resources from the Dead Sea.

Schulich School of Business hosts study abroad exchanges with Israel, as the settler colonial state continues to occupy and kill Palestinians.

SodaStream – These machines and accessories are made by an Israeli company in the occupied Naqab. SodaStream is complicit in the ongoing displacement projects targeting Palestinian Bedouin villages and homes

Shoppers Drug Mart -(Pharmaprix in Quebec) is a Canadian retail pharmacy chain with more than 1,300 stores in ten provinces and two territories. The company was started as Shoppers World (a store at Victoria Park and Danforth in Toronto) by pharmacist Murray Koffler in 1962. The Koffler family still retains ownership of the Super-Pharm pharmacy, which has locations in Israel, and several other countries. The logo of Shoppers Drug Mart and Super-Pharm are similar and both carry Life Brand, Lifestyles and Quo brands. Leumi Bank which is on the UN data base of companies involved directly in illegal settlements. acquired 18% stake in Super-Pharma in 2007. Loblaws Companies acquired Shoppers Drug Mart in 2014. Loblaws companies include No Fills, No Name, President’s Choice, Superstore, Real Canadian Superstore, T&T Supermarket, Zehrs, Proviso, Wholesale Club, NG Cash and Carry, Entrepôts Presto, Real Canadian Liquor Store, Club Entrepôt, Atlantic Cash and Carry, Choice Properties (real estate), Maple Leaf Gardens, and others, along with franchises such as Save Easy, Fortinos, Supervalue, Shop Easy, Lucky Dollar, Red and White, Valu-mart, Freshmart, Your Independent Grocery and L’Intermarché. Also brand names such as Joe Fresh, Theodore & Pringle (optical), The Mobile Shop and others. As well as financial services through President Choice Financials, and rewards program, PC Optimum and Express. Loblaws companies sell Life Brand, LIfestyles  and Quo brands, as well as there have been reports of Israeli produce being sold. At the very least, people are encouraged to ignore these brands that are part of the Super-Pharm product line, and any products from apartheid-Israel, and to bring to Loblaws attention concerns about sales of apartheid-products.

Stevie Wonderdid not decline Israel’s Wolf Prize

Stingray Radio – operates 100 radio stations across Canada and has an office in Tel Aviv Israel, They have been at the forefront especially the radio host, Brett Mineer, in Kamloops CHNL 610 in Kamloops BC who has been perpetuating pro Israeli false propaganda on his radio show as well as his Twitter account and and has been actively silencing all Pro-Palestinian activists voices both on his radio show as well as on his Twitter account by blocking them. His ill-actions are being investigated by Canada’s regulators CBSC–in fact ,the CBSC has received a large number of complaints concerning comments made by Brett Mineer on NL Newsday broadcast on CHNL (Stingray Radio) on October 27, 2023. Accordingly, they indicate that while the CBSC will be dealing with this broadcast under its normal process, it is not able to accept any further complaints! Leadership is directly involved in JNF leadership and fundraising, specifically, senior vice-president and counsel Lloyd Feldman (who according to the Stingray website raising money for the JNF) member of the corporate governance and human resources committees, Claudine Blondin (whose family foundation provides support to the JNF) and former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre who is Stingray special advisor and is co-chair of the Negev JNF fundraising dinner. To find their radio stations, audio channels, TV channels, and other products.

Tangerine Bank (operating as Tangerine) is a Canadian direct bank that is a subsidiary of Scotiabank.

Tempo Beverages – according to Who Profits Tempo Beverages and its subsidiaries are the exclusive distributors of various beverage products to the Palestinian Authority, benefiting from access to a captive Palestinian market generated by the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. The company is controlled by Tempo Beer Industries (60%) and Heineken International B.V. (40%). Fully owned subsidiaries: Tempo Beverages Cyprus, Aqua Nova Waters, Barkan Wineries, Tempo Marketing, Neni, C.Z.A.S. (Segal Wines) (100%), Barkan Wineries Marketing & Distribution (100%), Israel Wine Services Marketing 2001 (100%) Partially owned subsidiaries: Adir R. Y. Trade (50%), T.M.I.R. – Manufacturers Recycling Corporation in Israel (5.1%), Hulda Real Estate (74%), Ashkelon Wines Carmei Zion (93.75%).The company has commercial agreements with XL Energy Corp, Pernod Ricard, Vodka Beluga, Perrier, Aqua Minerales San Benedetto, Tradall, PepsiCo, San Pellegrino, Stock International. We encourage you to boycott any of these associated companies.

TEVA – Teva Pharmaceuticals is Israel’s largest pharma company, which contributes millions of dollars in taxes each year to the Israeli regime and its military. Teva has also filed lawsuits against boycott campaigners in France in an attempt to silence these campaigns. Get your don’t fill Teva stickers & learn more.

Thrifty Foods (BC, owned by Sobeys)– sells apartheid hava, specifically Sadaf

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) – made its first-ever touring appearances in Israel, with performances in Jerusalem on May 11, 2017 and Tel Aviv on May 13, 2017. The TSO also has hosted the Brand-Israel Israel, The Israel Symphony Orchestra.

Tim Hortons –is the sister company of Burger King, which supports Israeli military by providing free food and drinks. Burger King and Tim Hortons are owned by Restaurant Brands International (RDI). Boycott RDI and its subsidiaries in Canada–Tim Hortons, Burger King, and Popeyes.

TripAdvisor – lists more than 70 different properties, activities and attractions in illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). By doing so, TripAdvisor is boosting the settlement economy and contributing to settlement expansion. The company’s promotion of settlements as a tourist destination helps to “normalise” and legitimise them to the public. Settlements are illegal under international law – their creation amounts to a war crime. Settlements are on stolen Palestinian land. They should not be tourist destinations.

United Church of Canada – The Canadian BDS Coalition provided a detailed response to the UCC taskforce but this was not included in the report back by the UCC. The UCC at its General Council in 2009 asked Palestinians to recognize the State of Israel and has never apologized or reversed that policy officially. In 2012, the UCC added to a motion at its General Council that it supported right of return only if Jewish demographic integrity (majority) was maintained. An cooperation accord between B’nai Brith and the United Church of Canada signed in May 1973 remains in place.

Walmart: pledges $1 million aid for Israel victims. Walmart said its donation follows a $1 million grant the Walmart Foundation pledged to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in October, and match funds of employees up to $3M in the USD. Also sell PlantX.

Wix – This web management company is an Israeli product. If you are looking for apartheid-free web hosting, steer clear of Wix. Boycott Apartheid, Boycott WIX

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff a Montreal based company has a team that is responsible for the planning and the design of the Jerusalem light rail.

Zara– Canadian-Israeli Joey Schwebel, the chair of the Israeli franchisee for Zara, hosted MK Itamar Ben-Gvir

Israeli fruits, vegetables and other produce  which is often from illegal settlements and medjoul with “product of Israel” which are from illegal settlements. Ask retailers to remove these from their shelves.

See more information on products and companies to boycott:  Guide for Canada of Economic Boycott

Use these sources to look at which companies are complicit with illegal settlements.

Who ProfitsInvestigate, and the UN database


National Post and Postmedia. This call goes back to the beginning of this century when the National Post published on July 30, 2001 an editorial under the title “Anti-racism, in name only”. The Vancouver Sun on July 31, 2001 reprinted the same editorial as a “Guest Editorial” under the title “The West should shun conferences where the racism deck is stacked”. On August 1, 2001, the Vancouver Sun published an opinion piece by Gerald M. Steinberg under the title “Canada shouldn’t support condemnations of Israel”.

Each year businesses sponsor the Walk with Israel in Toronto. In 2022 some of the organizations included:



Canadian Tire (CT Reit)


Loblaws Company Limited

St. Clair Ice Cream




Yogen Fruz


No Frills (part of Loblaw Companies)


Harvey Kalles Real Estate

Colliers International

Companies sponsoring Walk With Israel are asking to consider their unconditional support for Israel, and ask themselves if they would support the same violations of human rights and international law anywhere else in the world, a free-pass of unconditional support.

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