Don’t do it, Bryan Adams: Nothing ultimate about it

Canadian BDS Coalition, December 4, 2017

DEC 2, 2017 — Despite promise to meet with us, Bryan Adams has not been in touch.

This is the last chance to tell Bryan Adam’s do NOT do it!

Say NO to Apartheid Israel, don’t play in Israel.

Roger Waters, Checkpoint 303 and 25 other artists have said NO!

Groups and individuals all around the world have said NO.

Tweet @bryanadams #bryanadamsultimate is NOT ultimate. It is apartheid. UNPLUG.

Contact: Olivia Ootes & let her know that you would have hoped better from Bryan Adams, and to pass along the message.

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Next Stop Bryan Adams–Apartheid Israel; We URGE you UNPLUG before it is too late

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Bryan Adams Has Gone Quiet, and not responding to Canadians.


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