Quietly Canada purchased first fleet of military armed drones

The Canadian BDS Coalition initiated the call in August 2021 for Canada to not proceed with the armed military drones procurement

After Parliament adjourned for the holiday season 2023, the Canadian government just quietly released plans to purchase their first fleet of military armed drones for both domestic surveillance and attacks overseas. They’re hoping we won’t notice their sneaky announcement.

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The military’s own brief lays out horrifying scenarios for how these drones are to be used. One describes surveillance of peaceful protest in Canada. Another features a drone bombing “Fighting Age Males” in the Middle East after spotting one of them “holding a radio or cell phone.”

Canada is already selling drone parts to Israel, including the engines for the IDF’s Heron TP (Eitan) combat drones currently used in Gaza. The last thing we need is for the Canadian military to begin purchasing its own fleet of armed drones to wreak terror around the world.

Learn more about the #NoArmedDrones campaign here: https://noarmeddrones.ca

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