Boycott Tempo and its many associated brands

Tempo Beverages Ltd. is a publicly traded Israeli resident company. The Company is held under the joint control of Tempo Holdings (2021) (60%), and Heineken International B.V. (40%). 

According to “Who Profits

“Tempo Beverages and its subsidiaries are the exclusive distributors to the Occupied West Bank, benefiting from access to a captive Palestinian market.”

Learn about the whole Tempo Family.

Tempo Beverage Business Partners: Nestle Waters, Pepsico, Heineken, Beluga Noble Russian Vodka, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi Limited, Cafe Mauro, Kimbo (Espresso Italiana), and Coffee Costadoro  See: Business Partners – Tempo Israel’s leading company for beer, spirits, wines, soft drinks and sparkling beverages

Other information that was used in developing the graphic regarding the various brands that are part of the Tempo

Tempo Website 

PepsiCo Brands

Top selling brands at PepsiCo

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Nestle Waters Brands

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Nestlé Waters leaving Canada is a community success – The Council of Canadians

Strauss Group Ltd. Brands  Brands – Strauss Group (

Sodastream is owned by PepsiCo (a multinational food and beverage company). Sodastream  is  complicit in Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and the displacement of Indigenous Palestinians from the Naqab (Negev) region. Sodastream relocated about 10 years ago from its main factory location in the illegal settlement of Ma’ale Adumim due to pressure from BDS

Wine labeled as products of Israel are grown in occupied Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan in many cases, and the production and bottling is often done in occupied settlements. See list of apartheid-wines being sold in Canada.

Sabra, an Israeli food business, co-owned by Strauss Group Ltd. and PepsiCo, also aids Israel and the Israeli military.” ( (Verifying if your connection is secure… (

Fully owned subsidiaries of Tempo include:  Tempo Beverages Cyprus, Aqua Nova Waters, Barkan Wineries, Tempo Marketing, Neni, C.Z.A.S. (Segal Wines) (100%), Barkan Wineries Marketing & Distribution (100%), Israel Wine Services Marketing 2001 (100%)

Partially owned subsidiaries: Adir R. Y. Trade (50%), T.M.I.R. – Manufacturers Recycling Corporation in Israel (5.1%), Hulda Real Estate (74%), Ashkelon Wines Carmei Zion (93.75%).

The graphics contains local Canadian, American and some global brands. 

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