BDS Victories

October 22, 2019, The Canadian BDS Coalition is pleased to announce that the #RaptorsDontGo campaign has been successful

August 2019 Hydro Quebec did not renew its agreement with Israel Electric. Check out details HERE.

Read about Canadian BDS Coalition partial victory with Air Canada cancelling its 5 year contract 2 years into the contract with Israeli Aerospace Industries to service Air Canada commercial jets.

The BDS movement has grown rapidly in the years since the the 2005 Palestinian civil society call for BDS. You can see an overview of key BDS successes over the first 10 years of the movement or view a timeline of the BDS movement until 2014.

You can also read the

2018 BDS National Committee highlights

2017 Highlights

BDS impact round up for 2016 on

As BDS movement co-founder Omar Barghouti has pointed out, the BDS movement has in many ways grown faster than the similar movement against Apartheid South Africa, which inspired the Palestinian call.

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