Take Action: Tell Aldo that Apartheid is not a “playful style”

Take a minute to write to Aldo’s CEO, David Bensadoun. Let him know that complicity with Israeli war crimes and apartheid is a crime.

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Aldo has been identified by the Israeli research organization, Who Profits, as a company operating in the colonial settlement neighborhood of Ramot in occupied East Jerusalem. This is certainly counter to Aldo’s statement that their “values of love, respect & integrity guide [their] actions every day.”

The company is a fashion retailer operating under three brands: Aldo, Call It Spring (Spring) and Globo. The company specializes in footwear and accessories while operating in more than 110 countries, with over 3000 stores.

The company was founded by Aldo Bensadoun in Montreal, Quebec, in 1972. Its headquarters remain in Saint-Laurent.

As a Canadian owned and headquartered company we are quite concerned about this, and call on Aldo to close their operations in occupied East Jerusalem, and not expand into any other settlements elsewhere in the West Bank.
Aldo has retail outlets across Canada & Quebec, and around the world. We ask people to boycott these until Aldo takes steps to close any outlets in occupied Palestine and make a statement to that effect.
Aldo says that they “strive to respect the highest ethical standards in all our business interactions globally” and “if you believe our policies or the law have been violated, we want to know so we can address the situation.” Aldo does provide information to a complaints HOTLINE, however, when we tried it, the third party did not have Aldo listed as a client! We wait for Aldo to respond to why this is the case. We also wait for Aldo to respond to concerns about their outlet in Ramot.


Initiated by

The Canadian BDS Coalition

Just Peace Advocates

Palestinian and Jewish Unity

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