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Boycott List of Shame

United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto who hosts the Walk to Israel says  “Israel is at the heart of our origins and our future as one Jewish people. Our Toronto Jewish community has always played an exceptional role in contributing to Israel’s evolving story. One of the most important ways we do this is through UJA’s Walk with Israel, which has united our community every year for more than 50 years.”

Companies sponsoring Walk With Israel are being asked to consider their unconditional support for Israel, and need to ask themselves if they would support the same violations of human rights and international law anywhere else in the world, a free-pass of unconditional support.

Walk with Israel and the JDL, Jason Kunin, May 2016, YouTube

See who is supporting this pro-Israel annual “parade.”

Before you go to the grocery store, the bank, the hardware store, the sports store, the fabric shop, choose a real estate agent, an accountant, ice cream shop or brand, clothes store, or other goods and services, and decide if you want to support an organization that is spending advertising on promoting apartheid Israel.


Walk with Israel 2023

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Who is supporting the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC) 

CJPAC says it “is a national, independent, multi-partisan organization. Our mandate is to engage Jewish and pro-Israel Canadians in the democratic process and to foster active political participation.”

This is who is sponsoring CJPAC ensuring  “pro-Israel” muti-partisan voices.

CJPAC Sponsors

2022 Walk with Israel



2021 Walk with Israel

2020 Walk with Israel

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