Highlights for 2020

Canadian BDS Coalition

Working for Freedom, Equity and Justice

The following is a report on the work of the Canadian BDS Coalition during 2020. Our 25 member organizations  include country-wide, regional and local groups from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island.

The Canadian BDS Coalition was formed in 2016 to bring together organizations in Canada that support the call for boycott, divestment and sanctions in support of the Palestinian Civil Society Call.  

A few highlights

#BoycottPuma Canadian BDS Coalition endorses letter calling on Puma to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association

100K+ letters sent to Canadian Members of Parliament & Diplomats in support of Palestine Human Rights Defender and the Coordinator of the BNC Mahmoud Nawajaa

After Canadian BDS Coalition campaign where 50+ artists, with strong support publically from Roger Waters, tells Celine Dion to cancel her apartheid concerts, she instead cancels her Lebanon concert, seems #BDS was getting her nervous perhaps?

Ramadan 2020: Know where your dates are from!

Boycott TEVA – Apartheid is BAD Medicine

and much more

Along with work from member groups & with support of the Coalition such as:

Legal resources for Palestine Human Rights Supporters in Canada were launched.

Canada loses bid for United Nations Security Council

Canadian organizations join to send urgent appeal to UN Special Procedures on the wilful killing of Ahmad Erekat

Focus on the CBC, erasure of Palestine

Read the full report:

Previous Reports from the Canadian BDS Coalition

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 To learn more about BDS, https://bdscoalition.ca/about-bds/

Check out the Canadian BDS Coalition at: https://twitter.com/Canadian_BDS  @Canadian_BDS

Web Site:  https://bdscoalition.ca/ 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BDSCoalition.

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