Tell Cadillac Fairview Malls: Stop profiting from Fox Group Canada

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Join the retail boycott call by the Canadian BDS Coalition, against Fox Group Canada.

Please sign the petition, to let the Cadillac Fairview Executive team know that they have failed to perform proper due diligence by renting space to Fox Group Canada retailers, in their shopping centers across Canada.

By renting space to a company that is complicit with settlement activities, Cadillac Fairview is complicit in supporting war crimes, and risks non-compliance with the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights Reporting Framework.

This renting of properties to companies complicit with war crimes through their support to the the Israeli settlement project is not new. Companies in Cadillac Fairview properties include Scotiabank, lululemonAldo/Call It Spring, ZaraStarbucksAroma and others.

Attention: Executive Team of Cadillac Fairview

I understand that Fox Group Canada, which currently owns and manages Laline in Cadillac Fairview shopping centers, has been identified by the Israeli research organization, Who Profits in November of 2023 as a company operating and maintaining illegal colonial settlement neighborhoods.

Laline has branches in the settlements of Ariel and Ma’ale Adumim in the occupied West Bank, and two branches in the settlement neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev and in Atarot IZ in occupied East Jerusalem, as well at the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

See:  Who Profits – The Israeli Occupation Industry – Fox-Wizel Ltd. (Fox Group)

Fox Group is planning to open multiple new stores across Canada over the next ten years in over 30 locations.  Fox Group Canada is an Israeli retailer in Cadillac Fairview malls, managing four brands including NIKE Canada, MANGO Canada, FOX Home Canada and LALINE Canada.

See:   Israel-Based ‘Fox Home’ to Expand into Canada with Multiple Stores in 2023 (

I am quite concerned about this, and I write to inform you that Cadillac Fairview has profited off violations of international law and human rights as part of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian lands and/or as part of Israeli apartheid.

If Fox Group Canada has chosen to risk their business through complicity with apartheid Israel against international law violations, do Cadillac Fairview’s highest ethical standards, share those values?

On its website, Cadillac Fairview indicates it philanthropic work prides on ‘serving vulnerable populations in Canada including youth, newcomers, racialized minorities, women, and the elderly’, and the illegal settlement apartheid industry has taken advantage of the vulnerable Palestinian community for many decades.

Based on the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights Reporting Framework, Cadillac Fairview has NOT shown it performs proper due diligence when renting to tenants.

This is not new as currently rentals by Cadillac Fairview include Aldo, lululemon, Starbuck, Zara, Aroma, Scotiabank, and others. These are  companies that have supported one or more aspects of apartheid, war crimes, anti-Palestinian racism, and even potentially genocide.

Therefore, I would ask that you take immediate steps to stop profiting from Fox Group Canada, and cancel all leases to the Fox Group and other companies profiting from occupation, war crimes, apartheid and even potentially genocide.

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