What to do when you find Medjoul from Israel or without appropriate trusted label. Tell your local store KHALAS.

Contact your local retailer and let them know you insist that they stop carrying Israeli product. How to determine if from Israel check here

Template you can use to send email to your local retailer/store owner in:



Just copy & paste text from the above links to send email.

This year we know that there is a good supply of fresh 2019 Medjoul harvest from importers/suppliers bringing product from trusted Palestinian sources. Please do your due dilligence to be sure that you do not buy product that comes from the Israeli company Hadiklaim via NBF or other sources, or from any other Israeli provider. All Medjool that are coming from these Israeli companies are from illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

Steps you can take

Read more detail including actual “sightings” of medjoul from Israeli company Hadiklaim

Step 1, check the label, and if it says product of Israel, do NOT buy.

Step 2, check the label and see if it includes a country of originThe product must have a country of origin but many do NOT. Do NOT buy if it does not have country of origin listed on the package.

There is at least one supplier in Canada, National Best Food/NBF which imports from Hadiklaim, an Israeli companyWho Profits has clearly documented the source of Hadiklaim’s dates as coming from occupied Palestine and Golan. Also, several countries have had victories of cutting ties to Hadiklaim such as South Africa.

Step 3: Print & provide this letter to the owner and/or manager of the store. Indicate the product and concerns in the template, or use letters above to email in English or Arabic.

Step 4: Provide pictures of the product including the labels (all sides of the box, and shelf labels), along with the store name/address and if possible website, to bdscoalition@gmail.comWe will use this information for further follow up with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and/or with the store.

Step 5: Tell your friends and your family what you have found, and make them aware of what to look for in regard both product of Israel (dates, other fresh fruits & vegetables, other products). For more info check out Economic Boycott Resource.

Final Step: look for appropriate alternative ideally from Palestine.

Labels you can trust for Medjoul Dates include:

If you know others please contat bdscoalition@gmail.com so we can update our list.

Lara (their product of Palestine from Al-Rwad, Sadra from Jordan)

Green World (from Al-Rwad),

Heritage (From Al-Rwad)


Palestine Just Trade (from Al-Rwad),

Jericho Delights (via USA). From Damen’s Farm

Palestine Gardens – Sinokrot Holding

If you see Israeli medjoul product (including those who are mascarading with no country/being sold with a label on shelfsaying Jordan for example) please take action–talk to the store manager/owner, don’t buy the product, ask them to stock Palestinian product from a trusted source, lets your friends and family know to avoid these products and insist that the store buy from a trusted supplier of Palestinian (or Jordanian) product.