Boycott Farm Boy until apartheid medjoul are off the shelves

Apartheid medjoul from Hadiklaim under Myjool imported by NBF and Hadiklaim products under their King of Solomon label have been seen at Farm Boy.

The Canadian BDS Coalition calls for a boycott of Farm Boy until they take apartheid medjoul dates and products off their shelves, as well as all apartheid produce.

What you can do

  1. Don’t shop at Farm Boy
  2. Let the local Farm Boy management know you will not be shopping at Farm Boy as long as they carry apartheid product.
  3. Contact corporate Farm Boy to let them know you will not be shopping at their stores until they no longer carry apartheid product.

    Email Farm Boy: Click Here / Call Farm Boy: 1-833-788-3401

  4. Share information on social media and other networks to let others know that Israeli apartheid medjoul are being sold by Farm Boy, and calling them to also boycott Farm Boy until these products are removed, and ideally replaced with medjoul from Palestine farmers & packers.
  5. Some people may choose to Empire Company Stores such as Sobey’s until all apartheid products are removed. People are asked to keep their eyes open for apartheid medjoul at other Empire Company stores and the other grocery chains, and to contact their local management and/or corporate offices to let them know that you are asking that the apartheid products be removed.

Learn more about apartheid Medjoul as well as Palestinian product that can be purchased.


Letter you can use to give to local store keeper

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