Next Stop Bryan Adams–Apartheid Israel; We URGE you UNPLUG before it is too late

Bryan Adams Finished his European Leg of his Ultimate Tour–but NOTHING ULTIMATE about it if he supports APARTHEID


bryan adams not so ultimate

Palestinian Checkpoint 303

has joined Roger Waters and 30 artists world wide to say DON’T do it Bryan!


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Organizations Around World Urge Bryan Adams to Unplug from Israeli Apartheid NOW

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Dear Bryan Adams

With just under two weeks until you are scheduled to play three concerts in Israel, we wish to bring to your attention our concerns as we insist that you stand on the right side of history by cancelling your Israeli concerts.

The Government of Israel overtly uses culture as a form of propaganda to whitewash or justify the regime of military occupation, settler-colonialism, and apartheid over the Palestinian people. Just as South African anti-apartheid activists called on international artists, writers, and cultural institutions to culturally boycott South Africa, Palestinians urge international cultural workers and cultural organizations, including unions and associations, to boycott and/or work towards the cancellation of events, activities, agreements, or projects involving Israel, Israeli lobby groups or Israeli cultural institutions. International venues and festivals are asked to reject funding and any form of sponsorship from the Israeli government. Thousands of artists across the world now refuse to perform in Israel, including a host of global superstars such as Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Lauryn Hill, and Chuck D.

The Canadian BDS Coalition, the Québec BDS Coalition, Boycott from Within Israel, and other groups and individuals from civil society around the world have joined along with fellow artists over the last several months to urge you to cancel these performances, and to observe the international call for a cultural boycott of Israel. Despite this, thus far, you have refused to cancel your concerts on December 4, 5, and 6 in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This request is now supported by those individuals and organizations listed at the bottom of the letter. Please be aware that the displeasure grows with respect to your proposed appearances in Israel.

By performing in Israel, you become complicit in the war crimes of the Government of Israel. This is fundamentally wrong.

We expect you know, or reasonable should know, the brutality of the Israel Occupation Force on the residents of Palestine. In fact you spoke about this during the 2014 attack on Gaza. We remind you that grade schools are routinely invaded by the soldiers to frighten small children; children are arrested in the middle of the night by a large force of armed soldiers invading their homes and beating any who resist; and that Israel is the only state that systemically detains and prosecutes children under Military Law. Israeli Occupation Forces protect the settlers living in the illegal settlements while the settlers destroy Palestinian olive groves and violently evict Palestinians from their homes. Recently, special rapporteur to the UN for the occupied Palestinian territory, Michael Lynk has indicted that Israel is an illegal occupant. Lynk submitted that Israel’s role as occupation has crossed the red line of international law.

The continued support by the Government of Israel to the illegal settlements around Jerusalem and in East Jerusalem is particularly worrisome as basic human rights of the Palestinian population are being trampled. That you would countenance such actions by performing in Israel is morally and ethically bankrupt. To play in Jerusalem even as Israel has passed the Greater Jerusalem legislation shows complete disregard for human rights and international law.

We prevail upon you to listen to the call from artists and civil society around the world to cancel your performances in Israel, and provide the voice of justice we have come to expect from you.


Gaza Action Ireland
Palestinian and Jewish Unity
BDS Vancouver
Palestina Solidariteit
Canada Palestine Association, Vancouver
BDS Vancouver-Coast Salish
Canadian BDS Coalition
Committee for Just Peace in the Middle East, Luxenburg
Toronto BDS
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