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Palestine Solidarity and the Boycott Movement: An Inter-Generational Dialogue


4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern

REGISTER to participate: https://tinyurl.com/palsolidarity

A moderated, dynamic and inter-generational discussion of the history, current challenges and prospects for the Palestine solidarity movement in Canada.

​Speakers: Hanna Kawas (Canada Palestine Association); Charlotte Kates (Samidoun); Bruce Katz (Palestinian and Jewish Unity); Moe Alqasem (Palestinian Youth Movement); Aiyanas Ormond (BDS Vancouver – Moderator)

​Organized byCanada Palestine Association and BDS Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories. Endorsed by the Canadian BDS CoalitionSamidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and Just Peace Advocates.

REGISTER to participate: https://tinyurl.com/palsolidarity

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Schulich’s link to the horror of Israel’s colonial violence

Take 1 minute to write to the Dean of Schulich School of Business, Detlev Zwick.

Write Letter

Join MBA graduates from Schulich School of Business to urge Dean Zwick to stop the study abroad exchange with Israel, as the settler colonial state continues to occupy and kill Palestinians.

The Schulich School of Business conducts a “Doing Business in Israel” seminar, which entails sending Schulich students to study in Israel for a 10-day, 36-contact hour seminar.

Initiated by concerned MBA graduates from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto.

We are watching in horror as Israel continues its relentless violence and brutality against the people of Palestine.

As proud Schulich MBA graduates, we are disappointed that our alma mater continues to conduct business with Israel, which is an apartheid state, according to a recent Human Rights Watch report.

Our alma mater runs a “Doing Business in Israel” seminar, which entails sending Schulich students to study in Israel for a 10-day, 36-contact hour seminar.

Our ask is simple: We ask Dean Detlev Zwick to cancel this seminar, which is a mark of shame on our illustrious school. We ask ourselves: would we conduct a study abroad opportunity with South Africa when it was an apartheid state? The answer is a resounding “No”.

We expect the same answer from the Schulich School of Business in its dealings with Israel.

Day of Action in Solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising and General Strike: Tuesday, May 18

As Israel is continuing its massacres in Gaza, its attacks in Al Quds and settler mob violence throughout colonized historic Palestine, Palestinians have called for a general strike.

This call has been supported by the Palestinian prisoners’ movement and popular movements, youth organizations, labor unions, political parties, and other mobilizations from the river to the sea inside occupied Palestine, and the call is expected to grow even further. As Palestinians are united with the #PalestineStrike

Actions You Can Take

The following link you to actions you can take.

Social Media:

Use Hashtags

#BDS #GazaUnderAttack #SaveSheikhJarrah

Change your profile to include Palestine flag or other solidarity frame.

Boycott Israel

Guide for Canada of Economic Boycott

Medjoul Dates: Buy Palestinian

Declare your HP-Free

Boycott TEVA – Apartheid is BAD Medicine

Boycott Israeli Wines, Don’t Drink with Apartheid

Divest from Israel

Write letterCPPIB urged to divest from Israeli war crimes

Hold Government Accountable

Send letter: Help Protect Palestinians From Israeli Violence by Applying Canadian Law

Sign Parliamentary Petitions

Military Law and Children

Isreaeli Military Recruiting

Stand in Solidarity

Sign Statement of Solidarity with Samidoun

Learn more about BDS in Canada

Highlights from 2020

More information on the Canadian BDS Coalition

Boycott Israel, Boycott TEVA, Free Palestine! Solidarity with Olivia Zémor!

The Canadian BDS Coalition expresses our strongest solidarity with Olivia Zémor, the president of CAPJPO-EuroPalestine in France. Olivia is being sued by TEVA Pharmaceuticals — the largest Israeli corporation by market value, a producer of generic pharmaceuticals — for publishing the call to #BoycottTEVA on the EuroPalestine website due to the company’s complicity in Israeli apartheid, colonization and occupation. 

The trial of Olivia Zémor reflects the alliance of Israeli capitalism and the French state in seeking to suppress and silence advocacy for Palestinian rights and liberation.

On Tuesday, 16 March, supporters of justice will gather outside the court in Lyon, France, for a solidarity demonstration at 1:00 pm to stand together with Olivia Zémor against this unjust prosecution.


We urge supporters of Palestine around the world to share this video and your own solidarity messages online – and deliver a letter of protest to a French embassy or consulate near you.

Send us a link or your photo at samidoun@samidoun.net!

Visit your French consulate or embassy and make it clear: The boycott of Israel is not only a right, it is a duty. Solidarity with Olivia Zémor — and solidarity with Palestine!

French embassy in Ottawa, and consulates in Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver. See details: https://ca.ambafrance.org/

Solidarity from the Canadian BDS Coalition to Olivia Zémor

Despite a resounding judgment by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which last June confirmed the legitimacy of a popular boycott of a state for political reasons, and mandated the French state to compensate human rights activists unfairly prosecuted for their organizing for the BDS campaign, the government refuses to stop.

Olivia Zémor has thus been summoned before the court of Lyon on Tuesday, 16 March. And that, for having relayed in 2016, on the europalestine.com site, of which she is the publication director, a call from the Collectif Palestine 69 to boycott the Israeli pharmaceutical firm Teva.

The undersigned organizations reaffirm their full solidarity with the activists facing the repression of a government complicit with the apartheid regime.

From this point of view, they are particularly outraged by the recent circular from the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti on the subject. Pretending to ignore the scope of the judgment of the ECHR, Mr. Dupond-Moretti indeed allows himself to enjoin all the prosecutors of France, to maintain the prosecutions against the BDS campaign, and to try to obtain, at the contempt for the law, convictions in these cases.

The Collectif Palestine 69, which brings together in Lyon the entire arc of support for Palestine, is responsible for managing communication locally, and calling for a rally in front of the court, at 1 p.m., just before the trial. Its president will, moreover, testify at the hearing itself.

This is why we are calling for demonstrations to be held everywhere in France, and in particular in Paris…

Solidarity with Olivia Zémor and all the activists of the BDS campaign!

No to the false claims of anti-Semitism against activists!

Down with the complicity of the French government with the Israeli apartheid regime!

Boycott Israel, the racist state!

READ the full list of those who have signed in France & internationally HERE (on the Euro Palestine site).

In Canada, the Canadian BDS Coalition and several of its member groups have signed

Just Peace Advocates
Palestiniens et Juifs unis (PAJU)
Justice for Palestinians (Calgary)
Canadian BDS Coalition
Oakville Palestinian Rights Association, Canada
Niagara Movement for Justice in Palestine-Israel (NMJPI),
Canada Solidarity with Palestine-St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canad

The Canadian BDS Coalition joins in the BDS Vancouver campaign Boycott TEVA-Apartheid is Bad Medicine

LIKE the FACEBOOK PAGE to follow the campaign.

Boycott TEVA, the Israeli pharmaceutical company that is one of the largest generic drug manufacturers in the world.

The Canadian BDS Coalition has joined with member group the BDS Vancouver campaign to boycott Teva

Order a strip of our “No TEVA” stickers for free by clicking on the Send Message button at the top right of this page and letting us know where to send your Boycott TEVA kit. Or just tell your regular pharmacy to put a permanent “No TEVA” note on your file!

Read more about the Canadian BDS Coalition’s campaign to #BoycottTeva

Please note: Because TEVA is a generic manufacturer, there is almost always another option at the pharmacy. Ask your pharmacist for a generic made by another manufacturer to help spread the word, build solidarity and boycott TEVA!

Resources for Action

The text of the video is below:

On Tuesday, 16 March, Olivia Zémor, the present of CAPJPO-EuroPalestine in France, has been summoned to court in Lyon. What is she accused of? Supporting and promoting actions calling for the boycott of Teva, the Israeli pharmaceutical company.

As the Zionist state continues to intensify its brutal policies of racism, colonization, apartheid, mass imprisonment, land confiscation, and siege, we must take action. Developing campaigns to boycott Israel is an important popular response to oppose these crimes.

Supporting Olivia Zémor is supporting the legitimate right to boycott Israel and to fight back against the criminalization and repression of the Palestine solidarity movement in Europe and around the world.

Teva is the largest commercial entity on the Israeli market by operating income and market value. Its profits are built on the colonization of occupied Palestine and funds and sustains the Israeli economy of exploitation.

We stand with Olivia Zémor. We stand with the Palestinian people and their right to resist until return and liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Read full statement from member of the Canadian BDS Coalition, Samidoun: 


French BDS activist on trial


Solidarity Statement

Solidary statement by the Palestiniens et Juifs unis (PAJU), a member group of the Coalition

Voici l’exemple de la portée de l’influence du lobby israélien en France, au point que l’espace juridique devient hautement politisée. Olivia Zémora déjà passé en cour pour avoir été aspergée avec un irritant par des militants de la Ligue de défense juive française. Ce n’est pas sans rappeler le cas de Hassan Diab devant la cour française truquée.. Partagez sur vos réseaux et contactez l’ambassade de France (Ottawa) ou le consulat de France de la ville dans laquelle vous vivez afin d’exprimer votre mécontentement face à cette parodie de justice d’inspiration israélienne! 

Here is an example of the reach of the Israel Lobby in France, to the degree that the judiciary in France is highly politicized in favour of attacking pro-Palestnian activists. Olivia Zemor has already been in court against the Ligue de défense juive France, having been sprayed in the face with an irritant by members of the JDL. This scandal on the part of the French government is similar to that same goverment’s illicit actions againt Hassan Diab. Please share on your networks and contact the French Embassy (Ottawa) or the French Consulate in the city in which you live in order to express your displeasure with their Israel-inspired tarvesty of justice!

The Canadian BDS Coalition is pleased to join to urge: Stevie Wonder in saying no to Israeli apartheid!

Roger Waters joins 700+ organizations, artists and individuals to urge: Stevie Wonder, say no to Israeli apartheid!

Waters’ appeal came as over 700 organizations, artists and individuals around the world joined the US Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel’s appeal to Wonder, urging him to “Say No to this “Prize”, say No to the normalization of Israeli Apartheid, and stand with Justice, Equality and Freedom for all Palestinian people.” Both appeals recalled that Wonder declined to perform at a fundraiser for the “Friends of the IDF” in 2012 as well as his long history in standing against apartheid in South Africa.

The appeal was signed by a diverse group of supporters, including visual artist Samia Halaby, graphic artist and Black Panther veteran Emory Douglas, composer Raymond Deane, artist Freda Guttman and songwriter Dave Lippmann. A wide range of organizations endorsed the call, including the Canadian BDS Coalition, the South Africa BDS Coalition, South African Jews for a Free Palestine, and Boycott from Within, the alliance of Israeli citizens for BDS.

Read the appeal below — and add your name to join the open letter:

Stevie Wonder Please Say No to Apartheid Israel: An Open Letter

Dear Stevie Wonder:

Along with the undersigned, the Organizing Collective for the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) writes to urge you to hold strong to your opposition to Apartheid by declining Israel’s Wolf Prize.We’d like to begin with our acknowledgement and thanks for your past thoughtful and steadfast support for human rights and dignity throughout the world, and your actions as both a world-class musician and your status as a U.N. “Messenger of Peace.”

By your refusal to perform at a fundraiser for the Friends of the IDF in 2012, you were clear in continuing your opposition to the Apartheid regime in South Africa. At that time, you recognized the impact of something Desmond Tutu did as well—that Israel’s Apartheid regime was worse than South Africa’s.

We’re sure your being given the “Wolf Prize” may seem a great honor, but we ask you to please consider what you’ll be sanctioning if you accept this: the occupation and  suppression of the Palestinian people; their infinitely renewable incarceration without charge or trial in Israeli jails; the illegal collective punishment Palestinians suffer on a daily basis throughout Occupied Palestine; the denial of Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland – stolen and colonized in 1948; and ongoing practices of apartheid–including Israel’s refusal to vaccinate the Palestinian population under its military occupation for COVID while administering the vaccine to Jewish citizens.

All this is at the hands of the Apartheid Israeli regime, under whose policies this award is given.

We remain inspired by your actions in 1985, when in honor of your 35th birthday, you spoke and sang so righteously at the UN defending racial equality and denouncing South African apartheid.

We ask you to stand by those same commitments and demand justice and freedom for the Palestinian cause of national liberation.

Say No to this “Prize”, say No to the normalization of Israeli Apartheid, and stand with Justice, Equality and Freedom for all Palestinian people.

All Signatories:

US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Organizational Signatories:

  1. Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine
  2. Bay Area Women in Black
  3. Belgian Campaign for an Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
  4. Boycott from Within (Israeli citizens for BDS)
  5. Canadian BDS Coalition
  6. Canada Palestine Association
  7. Cardigan and N Pembs Amnesty International group
  8. Catholics for Justice and Peace in the Holy Land
  9. Central America Solidarity Coalition
  10. Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid Victoria
  11. Collectif Judéo Arabe et Citoyen pour la Palestine
  12. Comitato BDS Campania
  13. Community Services Unlimited Inc.
  14. Ecumenical Peace Institute
  15. Education Equals Making Community Connections
  16. Football Against Apartheid
  17. Free Gaza Movement
  18. Gaza Action Ireland
  19. Haiti Action Committee
  20. Indiana Center for Middle East Peace
  21. Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)
  22. Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East (Germany)
  23. Jewish Voice for Peace New Haven
  24. Jewish Voice for Peace, Atlanta Chapter
  25. Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
  26. Just Peace Advocates/Mouvement Pour Une Paix Juste
  27. Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
  28. Justice for Palestinians, Calgary
  29. Labor for Palestine
  30. Niagara Movement for Justice in Palestine-Israel (NMJPI)
  31. Oakville Palestinian Rights Association
  32. Palestine Online
  33. Palestine Solidarity Alliance
  34. Palestine Solidarity Network Edmonton
  35. Palestinian and Jewish Unity
  36. Palestinian Canadian Congress
  37. Palestinian Defense Forces
  38. Palestinian Rights Task Force of Nebraskans for Peace
  39. Pax Christi Northern California
  40. Peace Alliance Winnipeg
  41. Racine Coalition for Peace & Justice
  42. Radio Free Maine
  43. Regina Peace Council
  44. Rete Romana di Solidarietà con il Popolo Palestinese
  45. SA BDS Coalition, South Africa
  46. Sacramento Area Peace Action
  47. Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights
  48. Socialist Action/Ligue pour l’Action socialiste
  49. South African Jews for a Free Palestine
  50. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
  51. Toronto Solidarity with Palestine

Note: Bold denote the Canadian BDS Coalition & member groups which signed. Italics denotes others the Canadian BDS Coalition reached out to.

Thanks to Roger Waters for joining in this call, and to USACBI for this campaign.

See the full statement on the USACBI website.

Canadian BDS Coalition member group Vegans for BDS calls for PlantX to respect the demands of Palestinian civil society

The Canadian BDS Coalition has joined with its member group Vegans for BDS in the call to PlantX.

In February 2021, Vegans for BDS reached out to PlantX, a Canadian company specializing in the sale of plant-based consumer products, which is undertaking a significant international expansion of big-box retail stores. In March of 2021, they plan to open a massive retail facility in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is funded by the Israeli investment firm, Psagot, whose investments are linked to Israel’s military occupation and settlement-colonization of Palestine (details in the attached statement), and represent numerous violations of international law and human rights. 

Vegans for BDS demands that PlantX respect the demands of Palestinian civil society and immediately:

1. Cancel the planned business expansion into Israel

2. Cut business ties with Psagot

Read the complete letter 



Israeli Vegans Against Apartheid

Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within 

*Canadian BDS Coalition

*Justice for Palestinians, Calgary

*BDS Action Calgary

*Just Peace Advocates/Mouvement Pour Une Paix Juste

*Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

*Regina Peace Council

*Sudbury Palestinian Solidarity Working Group

*PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity), Montreal

*Toronto Solidarity with Palestine

*Canada Palestine Association, Vancouver

*OPRA (Oakville Palestinian Rights Association)

 *BDS Vancouver – Coast Salish

*Canada Palestine Support Network (CanPalNet)

Manchester Palestine Action

Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine

Las Carolas A.C.A.F.

Interfaith Vegan Alliance


Unión General de Estudiantes Palestinas/os (UGEP) de Chile

Defensa Antiespecista/Chile

*Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV Canada)

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME)/ Montreal

Palestinian Youth Movement /Atlanta

*members of the Canadian BDS Coalition

Read article in Mondoweiss Vegans for BDS say no to PlantX expansion in Israel

Highlights for 2020

Canadian BDS Coalition

Working for Freedom, Equity and Justice

The following is a report on the work of the Canadian BDS Coalition during 2020. Our 25 member organizations  include country-wide, regional and local groups from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island.

The Canadian BDS Coalition was formed in 2016 to bring together organizations in Canada that support the call for boycott, divestment and sanctions in support of the Palestinian Civil Society Call.  

A few highlights

#BoycottPuma Canadian BDS Coalition endorses letter calling on Puma to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association

100K+ letters sent to Canadian Members of Parliament & Diplomats in support of Palestine Human Rights Defender and the Coordinator of the BNC Mahmoud Nawajaa

After Canadian BDS Coalition campaign where 50+ artists, with strong support publically from Roger Waters, tells Celine Dion to cancel her apartheid concerts, she instead cancels her Lebanon concert, seems #BDS was getting her nervous perhaps?

Ramadan 2020: Know where your dates are from!

Boycott TEVA – Apartheid is BAD Medicine

and much more

Along with work from member groups & with support of the Coalition such as:

Legal resources for Palestine Human Rights Supporters in Canada were launched.

Canada loses bid for United Nations Security Council

Canadian organizations join to send urgent appeal to UN Special Procedures on the wilful killing of Ahmad Erekat

Focus on the CBC, erasure of Palestine

Read the full report:

Previous Reports from the Canadian BDS Coalition

For 2019 Report see:  https://bdscoalition.ca/about-bds/2019-annual-report/

For 2018 Report see: https://bdscoalition.ca/2018-annual-report-canadian-bds-coalition/

For 2016/7 Report see: https://bdscoalition.ca/2018/07/13/canadian-bds-coalition-its-first-two-years/

 To learn more about BDS, https://bdscoalition.ca/about-bds/

Check out the Canadian BDS Coalition at: https://twitter.com/Canadian_BDS  @Canadian_BDS

Web Site:  https://bdscoalition.ca/ 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BDSCoalition.

Twitter account:, https://twitter.com/Canadian_BDS @Canadian_BDS

Write letter to Canadian Members of Parliament & Diplomats in support of Palestine Human Rights Defender

Prominent Palestinian human rights defender Mahmoud Nawajaa was taken from his family by Israeli occupation forces during a night raid.

Take a moment to write a letter to Canadian elected officials and diplomats.

Send letter:


The Trudeau government’s complicity gives Israel carte blanche to commit human right abuses and international law violations without impunity.

Under Article 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, all High Contracting Parties, which includes Canada, are required to take action to ensure respect for the Convention “in all circumstances.”  

Note: The Canadian BDS Coalition and Just Peace Advocates join together for this letter writing campaign.

In this circumstance, at the very least, the transfer of Mahmoud, as is the case of other prisioners, as a civilian from the occupied area to the occupier’s own territory is a war crime as defined by the Fourth Geneva Convention, Article 49.

Let us remind the Canadian government that the Fourth Geneva Convention provides for the protection of civilians who find themselves under the rule of a foreign power in the event of an international and internal conflict.

The Fourth Geneva Convention is based on the universally accepted principle that parties to a conflict should ensure that people living in an occupied territory should continue to live in as normal a manner as possible and in accordance with their laws, customs and traditions.

Articles 42 and 78 of the Fourth Geneva Convention permit administrative detention only if the security of the Detaining Power makes it absolutely necessary.The practice of administrative detention by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territory contravenes fundamental human rights. Israel uses administrative detention in a highly arbitrary manner without even basic safeguards in place which also leads to other, grave human rights violations.
The Canadian government needs to stop providing impunity to Israel, and to call for administrative detainees that are held on account of their political views or their activities carried out in resistance to the occupation be released promptly and unconditionally.

Background of Mahmoud Nawajaa’s detention

#FreeMahmoud #BDS

Mahmoud Nawajaa, a prominent Palestinian human rights defender, has been dragged away from his family by Israeli occupation forces in a night raid on Thursday July 30 and is currently held in Israel’s Jalameh high-security interrogation center, denied access to lawyers.

Mahmoud’s arrest comes in the context of Israel’s plans for de jure annexation of much of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, on top of its decades-long de facto annexation and apartheid. His arrest is part of Israel’s attempts to clamp down on human rights defenders, such as Mahmoud, and constitutes yet another element of Israel’s apartheid regime.

Mahmoud is one of the more than 4,700 Palestinian prisioners in Israeli jails. In the current circumstances, with the COVID19 virus spreading, mass detention aggravates health and safety risks to all detainees, adding to the common culture of torture and degrading as well as inhumane treatment of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

The Canadian context:

The Trudeau Liberal Government has expressed that it does not support boycotts, divestments or sanctions, despite these actions and opinions being civil liberties and constitutional rights.

Over 60 federal members of parliament have said they are against further annexation of the “West Bank” of Palestine.

Canada touted itself as the world leader who would help countries fight and recover from Covid-19, during its bid for the United Nations Security Seat, but this does not seem to extend to Palestine, nor Palestinian prisoners.

Under Article 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, all High Contracting Parties, which includes Canada, are required to take action to ensure respect for the Convention “in all circumstances.”  

See BDS National Committee for more information.

See Al-Haq for more information.

Bryan Adams Waking Up the World With Xenophobia

Bryan Adams is making news again and it’s not flattering.

In 2017, the Canadian BDS Coalition launched the UNPLUG FROM APARTHEID CAMPAIGN. Roger Waters, Checkpoint 303 and about 25 other artists all asked Adams to cancel his tour dates in Israel. Boycott from Within and many other groups and indviduals asked Adams to cancel. Information pickets happening Toronto, and other locations around the world including at several of Adam’s European concert stops.

Adams went ahead and played  in Tel Aviv and Jersualem in December 2017 despite these requests and the  huge cultural boycott campaign asking him not to travel there.

Initial Adams said he would meet with the Coalition, but then went silent. In the end he did not respond to any of the calls, not even the final request to be in touch with Boycott from Within to learn more.

Back in 2014 he did speak out against Israel’s attack on Gaza, but totally ignored the UNPLUG call when this was raised.

However, Adams has shown that he has a political conscience in the past. In 2016 he cancelled a Mississippi tour date because of the state’s anti-LGBT laws.

The cancelling of the Mississippi concert and the tweet re Gaza in 2014–these are  both admirable acts.  However, one has to ask, why did Adams go ahead play in Israel in 2017? We will have to continue to wonder as Adams never responded to those questions when the UNPLUG FROM APARTHEID campaign asked him in 2017.

These are facts that Adams cannot ignore.

Now, in 2020 Adams is in the news again for racist, xenophobic comments about China and COVID 19 that he posted on his web site www.bryanadams.com.

In the same post Adams then encouraged people to become vegans. Perhaps Adams would like to let Vibe Israel know that vegan-washing is not cool!

Adams had recently announced some of his upcoming concert dates had been postponed until October 2020 because of COVID-19. Let’s hope that gives him some time to think about why his 2017 behaviour was that of a PEP–progressive except Palestine. Although his latest move leaves us wondering about the label progressive at all.

There was great criticism of his comments and although he eventually did apologize, his reasoning that he only meant to promote veganism is weak.

One of the Canadian BDS Coalition members said “I am a vegetarian who often eats vegan and I also support justice for Palestine and oppose the 53 year occupation. Adams’ comments about China were still up on his web site the last time I checked. Those who haven’t seen them should visit the site and leave comments.”


At Ramadan and all year support #BDS, don’t buy Israeli medjoul dates

Learn more about what to consider when purchasing Medjoul Dates in Canada to ensure they are not from Israeli companies, and to ensure you are purchasing Palestinian product. Steps you can take, and tools to assist you in letting retailers know that you expect them to not carry Israeli Medjoul dates or any Israeli products.

If you know of other Israeli product coming into Canada, or of Palestinian product that is available in Canada, please contact us at bdscoalition@gmail.com and we will up date our information.

Also, if you are aware of any retailers carrying Israeli product please let them that supporting Israeli apartheid and war crimes is not okay, and if you wish you can let us know and we can also follow up.

Note: in late 2020 it was confirmed some Palestinian product is being sold under Golden Valley label. Other NBF products from Hadiklaim still appear on their website.