Supposed Social Justice Oriented Big Carrot continues to sell Israeli medjoul

Write a letter to the store manager, the worker-owners and board of the Big Carrot, as well as copy the owner of the Carrot Commons.


The Big Carrot indicates that “as a worker-owned system, we value products that are produced in a system that fairly compensates the growers.”

Their website says “Our department managers, purchasers and in-store nutritionists all work diligently to continuously review the products we sell and make sure they meet our Carrot Commitment.” Surely this does not include selling Medjoul from the Israeli settlement company Hadiklaim, but it seems it does. This has been raised in the past, but still even this year after six months of genocide in Gaza, the Big Carrot still proudly sells these medjoul products from Israel. These include Myjool and King of Solomon products from Hadiklaim.

You can read about Hadiklaim at Who Profits. Beyond selling dates from stolen Palestinian land, they also have packing facilities in illegal Israeli settlements.

The Carrot Commons is the building where the Big Carrot is located, and indicates it is in partnership with the anchor store, the Big Carrot. According to the website, “attracted by the community spirit of The Big Carrot, David Walsh was attracted by the community spirit of The Big Carrot and realized it would make an excellent anchor for a neighbourhood shopping mall.” Recently the Carrot Commons has held events about Palestine, but has not taken any action over the years to address the apartheid-Israeli produce that the Big Carrot sells.

It is not possible to be a social justice organization, or an ethical business that supports sustainable food systems when selling products that are complicit with settler-colonization, apartheid, and war crimes. Shameful indeed.

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