$24 Billion of our public pensions invested in Israeli war crimes

Five public sector pension, one in BC and four in Ontario have almost a quarter of a billion dollars invested in companies that then UN has indicated are complicit with supporting illegal Israeli settlements (war crimes) and over $2 billion in total invested in companies complicit with war crimes and arming Israel.

These combine with more than $22B of investments by the CPPIB and CDPQ in companies complicit with war crimes, occupation, arming Israel, and perhaps genocide. Together this is about $24 billion investments that are complicit with supporting war crimes and support for the arming Israel.

In millions Canadian

Pension UN list In total
BCI 141.5 532.8
IMCO 38.4 95.0
OTPP 14.7 643.2
HOOPP 32.7 380.5
OMERS 461.5
TOTAL       $ 227.3        $2,113.0


BCI has investment of $141,498,385 in five companies listed in the UN database being complicit with illegal Israel settlements (war crimes). In addition BCI has $391,311,873 invested in 13 companies identified by AFSC Investigate, one by World BEYOND War and one by the Canadian BDS Coalition & listed by Who Profits. Many of these companies are arms companies also listed in the “Canada Stop Arming Israel” campaign, companies such as L3 Harris, Lockhead Martin and Northrop Grumman. In total BCI has investments of $532.8 M in 18 companies complicit with support of war crimes, occupation and even perhaps genocide.


IMCO is invested in three companies on the UN database worth $38,429,350; these companies are complicit with war crimes. In addition, IMCO has investments in ten companies worth $60,688,435 which are identified by AFSC Investigate as complicit with illegal occupation. This results in a total investment of $95 Million complicit with war crimes.


OTPP has $14,708,522 invested in four companies on the UN database. In addition, OTPP has $628,508,625 invested in more than a dozen companies identified by AFSC Investigate and World BEYOND War as complicit in occupation and/or arming Israel. In total this is an investment of over $643.2 Million in war crimes, arming Israel and perhaps even genocide.



HOOPP has $32,738,343.00 in two companies listed on the UN database, and $347,842,808 in 14 companies identified by AFSC Investigate. IN total HOOPP has $380.5 million invested in companies that are complicit with war crimes, arming Israel or even genocide.


OMERS has investments of $461,491,037 in three companies, Alphabet, Chevron and Honeywell, the first two identified by AFSC Investigate, and the later by World BEYOND War.


CPPIB has over $10 B invested in war crimes

$12.5 Billion invested by CDPQ in war crimes

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