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The Canadian BDS Coalition supports declaration by ReImagine Co in London, Ontario to be apartheid-free

Statement of Support

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Canadian BDS Coalition welcomes the news that Reimagine Co. in London Ontario has announced it is  apartheid free. The Coalition applauds Reimagine Co on being a space of proactive solidarity with the Palestinian people and committing not to sell products from the illegal Israeli settlements or from any Israeli or international company that profits from violations of Palestinian human rights.

The announcement today is in solidarity with Palestine following the ongoing escalation of violence This comes after calls from Palestinian civil society for a General Strike and Day of Action on Tuesday May 18th.

Reimagine Co. is urging other London businesses, institutions and community groups to join in becoming an Apartheid Free Zone.

Inspired by the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, being apartheid-free seeks to cut links of complicity with Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, especially those related to the UN-defined crime of apartheid. This is one important action that civil society can take to put our government on notice that we will not be complicit in war crimes enacted by Israel upon the Palestinian people

The Canadian BDS Coalition encourages businesses, institutes, and community groups across Canada to join in becoming apartheid-free.

The Canadian BDS Coalition

Thanks to one of the founding members of the Canadian BDS Coalition, People for Peace in London Ontario for their leadership.

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Statement from Re-Imagine Co

#PalestineStrike from the river to the sea!

Day of Action in Solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising and General Strike: Tuesday, May 18

As Israel is continuing its massacres in Gaza, its attacks in Al Quds and settler mob violence throughout colonized historic Palestine, Palestinians have called for a general strike.

This call has been supported by the Palestinian prisoners’ movement and popular movements, youth organizations, labor unions, political parties, and other mobilizations from the river to the sea inside occupied Palestine, and the call is expected to grow even further. As Palestinians are united with the #PalestineStrike

Actions You Can Take

The following link you to actions you can take.

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#BDS #GazaUnderAttack #SaveSheikhJarrah

Change your profile to include Palestine flag or other solidarity frame.

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