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At Ramadan and all year support #BDS, don’t buy Israeli medjoul dates

Learn more about what to consider when purchasing Medjoul Dates in Canada to ensure they are not from Israeli companies, and to ensure you are purchasing Palestinian product. Steps you can take, and tools to assist you in letting retailers know that you expect them to not carry Israeli Medjoul dates or any Israeli products.

If you know of other Israeli product coming into Canada, or of Palestinian product that is available in Canada, please contact us at and we will up date our information.

Also, if you are aware of any retailers carrying Israeli product please let them that supporting Israeli apartheid and war crimes is not okay, and if you wish you can let us know and we can also follow up.

Printable Brochure: Palestinians NEED A just peace

Click HERE for a brochure you can print & share.

BDS includes:
 Boycott of Israeli goods and
 Divesting from corporations profiting
from Israel’s oppression of
Palestinians, and
 Sanctions against Israel like those
against South African apartheid.
Palestinians demand their rights:

The call includes:
• An end to 50+years of military
• Equal rights for Palestinians in historic Palestine
• Respect for right of return

A printable brochure you can use to share information about Palestine, and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions call