An international petition in solidarity with Yemen confronting aggression and siege

The Canadian BDS Coalition and International BDS Allies is pleased to be one of over 250 organizations signing the recent statement, initiated by Masar Badil in solidarity with Yemen confronting the aggression and siege.

Statement and petition to sign. 

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We stand with Yemen confronting U.S. and British aggression

We, the undersigned parties, organizations and associations, condemn the U.S.-British aggression and attacks on the struggling people of Yemen, we express our support for the principled Yemeni position towards the Palestinian cause rights, and we declare our solidarity with the Yemeni people in the historic battle that they are waging to end the genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, to stop Zionist war crimes and to break the siege. We also stand behind the heroic Yemeni armed forces and their legitimate, natural right to respond to aggression as they implement the demands of the Yemeni people and the directives and decisions of the revolutionary leadership in Sana’a.

The people of Yemen, who have remained committed to their firm and advanced revolutionary position, continue to confront all forms of siege and aggression at the hands of the U.S. and British colonial forces and their agents in the region. They will not be intimidated by the recent U.S.-British massacre on May 31, 2024, which caused dozens of martyrs and casualties. The people of Yemen continue to express their position with unparalleled strength and courage, especially on Fridays, through the massive and solemn public demonstrations in “Sabaeen Square” in the center of the capital, Sana’a, and in various governorates, squares, and streets of the country.

The heroic Yemeni position, which has been embodied in word and deed in confronting war and aggression over the past ten years, and in supporting the Palestinian people for more than eight months, constitutes the true and necessary response against the Zionist-U.S. war of annihilation against the Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip. It also embodies an effective revolutionary model in true solidarity with the Palestinian people. This exceptional stance has become a source of pride and inspiration for all peoples and movements for justice and liberation in the world, proving the strength of free peoples and their ability to change the equations of conflict and shift the balance of power as they confront imperialism, Zionism and their agents in the world.

Glory to the martyrs and speedy recovery to the wounded

The criminal camp of U.S.-British-Zionist aggression and and their agents in the region will be defeated

Victory for the Palestinian and Yemeni peoples and for the resistance camp in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq

See the original, with press release, and list of signatories.


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