Institutions, investment and Palestinian human rights webinar, with focus on CDPQ & WSP, and pensions


Karen Rodman of Just Peace Advocates/the Canadian BDS Coalition & International BDS Allies participated in the RRSE and CISO webinar Institutions, Investment and Palestinian Human Rights on May 15. The webinar described that “This moment gave rise to rich exchanges and demonstrated the relevance of creating spaces for collective reflection and creating synergies between different forms of solidarity for better protection of Palestinian human rights.” Karen Rodman (Toronto, Canada) director, Just Peace Advocates, Kiran Aziz (Norway) responsible procurement director, KLP, James Yap (Toronto, Canada), Acting Director, International Human Rights Program, University of Toronto, Chantal Ide ( Montreal, Quebec) Vice-president, Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM)-CSN for their participation in the webinar.



$25 Billion of our public pensions invested in Israeli war crimes


La CDPQ a investi 14 milliards de dollars dans des entreprises complices de crimes de guerre et de génocide, alors même que la Cour internationale de justice se penche sur le génocide israélien à Gaza

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