Pledges to not buy apartheid medjoul from across Canada and around the world

Hundreds of people have taken up the pledge to not buy apartheid medjoul, but more than that seek out where retailers are selling apartheid medjoul and inform them that they need to remove these from their shelves, and not be selling produce from stolen illegally occupied Palestinian land.

Pledges from large cities, to small rural communities, from Iqaluit to Windsor, from Comox to St. Anthony, people are pledging to not buy apartheid, have sought out delicious Palestine medjoul, and have spoken out to local retailers supporting complicity with war crimes and apartheid.

People from Barrie, Toronto, Mission, Bedford, Maple Ridge, PEI, Halifax, Abbotsford, Victoria, Welland, Salt Spring Island, Nanaimo, Vancouver, London, Warkworth, Montreal, Warman, Peterborough, Ottawa, Powell River, Calgary, Lethbridge, Milton, Almonte, Surrey, Whitehorse, Kemptville, Regina, Orangeville, Hope, Oshawa, Miramichi, PEI, Cambridge, Port Perry, Meadow Creek, Stoufville, Mississauga, Edmonton, Moncton, Napanee, Oakville, Brampton, Regina, Guelph, Niagara area, Perth, Kitchener, Perth, Oster, Kingston,  Forth Smith, Sudbury Kelowna and many other places across Canada have said no to apartheid.

And from around the world, many people from across the USA, from Turkey, South Africa, Algeria, Denmark, the UK, Geneva, Portugal, Spain, Jordan , Mexico and India have signed our pledge.

We encourage you to join

PLEDGE to Not buy Apartheid Medjoul


Shame on those retailers seller Israeli medjoul and other produce

Do Not Buy Israeli Produce. Shame list of those selling apartheid medjoul and other produce.

2024 Ramadan: Boycott Israeli dates. Break fast with Palestinian Medjoul



This Ramadan pledge to not buy Apartheid Medjoul

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