Support the Call from Palestinian Christian Churches

Palestinian Christian churches have called for canceling  “unnecessary festive activities” in the Holy Land; the Canadian BDS coalition urges all our supporters to heed this call from our Palestinian Christian brothers and sister, the first believers and guardians of the Christian holy places.

We call on Canadian churches, Canadians of conscience and all those who celebrate Christmas to show your solidarity with Palestinian Christians and all the Palestinian people, and to refrain from “unnecessary festive activities” including exchanging consumerist gifts.

We also ask our supporters to denounce the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people and denounce all those who are enabling and directly participating in this genocide, including the Canadian military special forces.

Write your own letter to the Canadian Council of Churches and their member churches

Photo: Pastor Munther Isaac adds dirt to an installation that shows a figure symbolising baby Jesus lying amidst the rubble in a grotto ahead of Christmas at the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Reuters)

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