Jenin invasion underlines the need for BDS in Canada: Isolate the occupier!

In the early morning hours of Monday, July 3, Israeli occupation forces launched a full-fledged military assault on occupied Jenin, in the West Bank of occupied Palestine, attacking the city and refugee camp with over 1,000 soldiers and 150 military vehicles, including armed drones of the type produced by Elbit Systems (of which Canada’s Scotiabank is the largest foreign investor!)

The invasion took the lives of 12 Palestinians inside Jenin camp and caused millions of dollars in damage. Community institutions like the Jenin Freedom Theatre were ravaged by occupation bulldozers and armed drones, alongside homes, mosques and infrastructure. At the same time, the occupation failed to achieve its goals: it did not enter the center of the camp and was unable to target or arrest the leaders of the resistance in Jenin. Instead, the Palestinian resistance, backed with the support and love of the people, repelled the invaders. The 3,000 Palestinians who were forced to leave the camp returned, holding up victory signs and a promise of return to their original homes and lands in occupied Palestine ’48.

At the same time, Canada has continued its policy of de facto support for all of these Israeli war crimes. It is planning to buy surveillance drones from Elbit Systems and is reviewing tenders for armed drones from Israeli weapons manufacturers, battle-tested on Palestinians. While issuing hesitant criticisms of the ongoing settlement expansion, the Canadian government continues to reward Israel with trade preferences and unlimited diplomatic support in international institutions, even as Netanyahu, Ben Gvir and Smotrich step up their open appeals to racism and warfare.

It’s urgent that we step up our campaigns for BDS! Join these actions:

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