Palestinian Solidarity Committee Saint John Podcast with Hanna Kawas


Congrats to Coalition member, Palestinian Solidarity Committee Saint John for their Palestine Solidarity Voices Podcast.

Check out their two-part interview with Hanna Kawas, chair of the Coalition member, Canada Palestine Association.

Learn about the long history of boycott going back to 1948.


In this episode, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Hanna Kawas, the Chairperson of the Canada Palestine Association of Vancouver and a well-known grassroots activist. Hanna’s extensive experience in the Palestinian advocacy movement in Canada has made him a powerful voice, and he is a former co-host of The Voice of

Throughout the episode, we explore Hanna’s background and his journey as a Palestinian activist in Canada. We discuss his work as the Chairperson of the Canada Palestine Association of Vancouver, his grassroots activism, and his efforts to raise awareness and build solidarity for the Palestinian cause.
In sharing his experiences and insights, Hanna provides listeners with a unique perspective on the struggle for Palestinian liberation, and highlights the importance of building bridges and amplifying the voices of those most affected by occupation and oppression.

To learn more about Hanna and his work, we encourage you to check out the links below. Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you enjoy this episode.

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