CUPE Manitoba passes BDS, joining a 17 years of Canadian Labour Movement Support for BDS

The Canadian BDS Coalition congratulates CUPE Manitoba @CUPEMB on endorsing the BDS Resolution unanimously.

At the May 17-19 convention of CUPE Manitoba, the membership voted to adopt a resolution that calls on the division to support the BDS Campaign to end the oppression of Palestinians.

The resolution was put forward by the “Contracting Out & Political Action” committee. It’s a resolution that also recognized the Israeli state’s settler-colonialism, apartheid, and violations of International law against the Palestinian people.

Thanks to Labour for Palestine for your support in making this happen. It sets the stage for the growing support of BDS from the labour movement.

CUPE Manitoba “Proudly representing over 36,000 Manitobans!”

Way to go CUPE Manitoba!

Check out details about Canadian Labour supporting BDS since 2006. 17 years of labour support for BDS in Canada.

Canadian Labour Has Been Supporting Boycott, Divestment for Fifteen Years

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