Nakba75 Actions from St. John’s to Vancouver, from Saint John to Saskatoon, a few pictures from across Canada

Nakba75 events from coast to coast

















Saint John: On the 13th May, the PSCSJ gathered to march through town, chanting and handing out flyers, before arriving at city hall to rally in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. Music, poetry readings, and speakers sounded out, as the Palestinian flag was waved in dozens of hands.

It was one of our most attended events yet, with between 80-100 participants coming together to make it known that the people will not forget, and that even in our small city there are those who demand an end to the catastrophe.



St. John’s: Our Nakba 75 Movie Night was a big success. The total was 61 people, this pic was taken just as it was getting started, but about 10-12 more people who arrived later. We will even able to get a Minister in the Premier Furey Government to attend.














Saskatoon: We covered all 4 corners of a busy downtown street. No way people could avoid us.Many were willing to take a pamphlet and chat.



















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