Free the Holy Land 5! Join the global campaign to liberate these Palestinian prisoners in the U.S

The Canadian BDS Coalition joins the campaign from Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine, Samidoun, and the Coalition for Civil Freedoms to launch a campaign to free the three remaining Holy Land Foundation 5 prisoners in the United States: Ghassan Elashi, Shukri Abu Baker and Mufid Abdelqader.

24 November 2022 marked 14 years since the Holy Land Foundation 5, five Palestinian community leaders, were convicted and imprisoned for providing charity — food and medicine — to orphans and widows in Palestine. Today, three of the five remain imprisoned, some with exceptionally long sentences. After the first jury hearing their case reached a mistrial, the second trial was an exceptional miscarriage of justice, in which the Holy Land 5 were convicted on the basis of anti-Palestinian propaganda, including the anonymous testimony of Israeli intelligence agents.

It is time to act. These three men remain behind bars, locked away from their communities and loving families, and we demand their freedom, alongside the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners. Like the prisoners of the Black Liberation Movement, Leonard Peltier, Alex Saab and others, the Holy Land 5 are political prisoners of U.S. imperialism. 

Visit WOL’s central action page for the #FreeTheHLF5 campaign here.

If you represent an organization, sign onto the call to join the campaign to #FreeTheHLF5

Learn more and take action. See Samidoun’s website HERE.


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