Coalition endorses March for Return and Liberation

The Canadian BDS Coalition endorses the March for Return and Liberation.

The Palestinian liberation movement is a Palestinian, Arab and international movement, with a history of a century of struggle fighting back against imperialism, Zionism and reactionary forces. Today, as the Palestinian people and their resistance continue to struggle for return and liberation, the colonial occupation is continuing its extrajudicial killings and massacres, siege on Gaza, mass imprisonment, home demolition, settlement construction and overall assaults on Palestine.

Together, we will organize and march:

  • For the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea and the right to return of all Palestinians
  • To support the Palestinian people, their resistance and their liberation movement
  • For the release of all Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli, PA, Arab reactionary and imperialist prisons, including the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Lebanese struggler for Palestine jailed in France for 38 years.
  • To end the blockade and siege on Gaza
  • To demand and implement the total boycott of the Israeli occupation, including kicking Israel out of the United Nations and bringing an end to the “EU-Israel Association Agreement”
  • To denounce the responsibility of imperialist powers in forming, funding and arming the Zionist colonial regime in Palestine
  • To demand an end to the listing of resistance organizations and rights defenders as “terrorists” and the repression of Palestinian organizing by the US, EU and others
  • To confront the collaborationist role of the Palestinian Authority and the so-called “peace process” and the normalization projects being pursued by reactionary Arab regimes under imperialist auspices.
  • To honour the activists, leaders, strugglers and organizers assassinated by the occupation forces, especially those in Europe

We invite all who agree with these demands to sign on to endorse the March for Return and Liberation on 29 October and join us in this week of action.


Oct. 29, 12 noon Commercial Skytrain Station: Join us as we march in solidarity on this International day of action for the Right of Return and Liberation! We’ll be meeting at the Commercial Skytrain Station to Grandview Park.

The march is an internationally coordinated action by the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement and coincides with their march on the European Parliament in Brussels.

Facebook Event: The March for Return and Liberation! | Facebook

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