Webinar & Info: What is the CPPIB really up to? O que o CPPIB realmente está fazendo?

The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) manages a large and rapidly growing fund. The CPPIB however is accountable first and foremost to the federal and provincial governments, not the contributors and beneficiaries. Over the years, the CPPIB has moved from real assets to equities, and from investments in Canadian infrastructure to foreign investments. With over $539B of our public pension at stake, we need to be aware of what the CPPIB is up to.

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Panelists spoke about the CPPIB and its investment in the military arms, mining, Israeli war crimes, and privatization of life sustaining public infrastructure including water in the Global South, and other alarming investments.

The discussion delves into what can be done to hold the CPPIB accountable for the public pension funds entrusted to it.

Moderator: Bianca Mugyenyi, CFPI


Denise Mota Dau , Sub-Regional Secretary for Public Services International (PSI)

Ary Girota, President of SINDÁGUA-RJ (Water purification, distribution and sewage workers’ union of Niterói) in Brazil.

Kathryn Ravey, Business & Human Rights Legal Researcher, Al-Haq in Palestine.

Fabiola Antezana, Vice President, National Confederation of Urban Workers in Brasil

Kevin Skerrett, co-author of The Contradictions of Pension Fund Capitalism and Senior Research Officer (Pensions) with the Canadian Union of Public Employees in Ottawa. 

Rachel Small is Canada Organizer for World BEYOND War. Rachel has also organized within local & international social/environmental justice movements for over a decade, with a special focus on working in solidarity with communities harmed by Canadian extractive industry projects in Latin America.

Co-organized by:

Just Peace Advocates
World Beyond War
Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
Internacional de Servicios Públicos
Canadian BDS Coalition
MiningWatch Canada

**With Portuguese translation


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CPPIB Invests at least 7 percent of our public pension in Israeli war crimes

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