Justin Bieber faces being canceled in South Africa over Israel concert

Africa4Palestine has joined in the Canadian BDS Coalition Call along with  Dozens of artists and organizations from around the world to say say #BiebsStay4Justice

All those who wish to sign the petition can do so HERE.

14 June 2022 | https://bit.ly/3MNF5M5
The international superstar, Justin Bieber, is facing a mounting backlash in South Africa if he does not cancel his upcoming Israel trip.
Africa4Palestine activists have purchased a large number of tickets and promised to disrupt his upcoming “Justice World Tour” concerts taking place in Cape Town on 28 September 2022 at the DHL Stadium and in Johannesburg on 1 October 2022 at the FNB Stadium.
Bieber is being called on by #Africa4Palestine, Canadian organizations (from his birth country), Palestinian civil society, as well as progressive Jewish Israelis to respect the boycott of Apartheid Israel and cancel his 13 October 2022 concert in Tel Aviv.
The human rights group #Africa4Palestine has also written to Justin Bieber to express our concerns.
In the 1980s an artist was on the wrong side of history when she or he crossed the picket line and performed in Apartheid South Africa. Likewise, today, an artist has crossed the picket line when he or she performs in Apartheid Israel. Since the launch of the cultural boycott of Israel in 2005, thousands of artists across the world have cancelled their Israeli gigs and refused to perform in Apartheid Israel, including a host of global superstars such as Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Lauryn Hill from the USA, Chuck D, LadySmith Black Mambazo from South Africa, Lorde from Australia, Salif Keita of Mali and many others.
We call on Justin to do the right thing and cancel his performance in Israel or face a serious backlash, because South Africans and many across the world will not accept a “Justice” tour which includes Apartheid Israel.
For comment contact:
Africa4Palestine Director, Muhammed Desai: +27 (0) 78 295 4668
Tisetso Magama, Spokesperson: +27 (0) 61 414 6348
Michia Moncho, Justin Bieber Campaign Coordinator: +27 (0) 78 295 4668


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