The Canadian BDS Coalition joins more than 130 groups call on PM Trudeau to end prejudiced audits of Muslim charities

The Canadian BDS Coalition joins more than 130 groups signed an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and members of his cabinet, raising concerns and calling for action in regards to the Canada Revenue Agency’s prejudiced audits of Muslim charities, under the auspices of countering terrorist financing.

The letter is in support of the revelations and recommendations included in ICLMG’s new report “The CRA’s Prejudiced Audits: Counter-terrorism and the targeting of Muslim charities in Canada.”

You can read the full report, executive summary, and write to Prime Minister Trudeau to add your voice at

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Read more about the issue overall, and reports highlighting ICLMG research as well as the NCCM’s excellent Under Layered Suspicion report:

And a final reminder that individuals can still send a personal message to the government and their MP at

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