EUROVISION: Canadians Call to STOP Artwashing War Crimes and Apartheid

Next week Eurovision happens in the Zionist State. However, it is with a taint of international condemnation as the world speaks out against Art-washing of war crimes, apartheid and denial of rights of return.

While Canada has NO artists attending Madonna took up the Canadian zionist $1 M USD carrot to play at EUROVISION. Shame on Madonna. Shame on Sylvan Adams.  #SylvanAdams SHAME.

Israeli-Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams has agreed to foot the bill for pop diva Madonna’s performance at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Tel Aviv. See more HERE.

Shame #SylvanAdams

Sylvan Adams (Photo: Oren Aharoni)
Sylvan Adams (Photo: Oren Aharoni)

Join in the petition that is going viral…saying NO to Madonna playing EUROVISION May 2019

Send a letter to OMNI and Rogers to say NO to broadcasing EUROVISION in Canada. Only takes 2 minutes to send our own customized letter to the executive e-boxes.  Click HERE

Is a song contest more important than human rights? 

Are advertising dollars worth more than international law?

OMNI broadcasting, a member of the Roger media group has announced they will be broadcasting Eurovision 2019 here in Canada. The following letter has been written to them by the Canadian BDS Coalition. Perhaps you may want to write your own!

The letter below was sent in March 2019, with no reply. Now is the time to write your own letter so Rogers/OMNI know we demand they don’t broadcast EUROVISION 2019. CLICK HERE 

Joe Natale
President and CEO of Rogers Communications 

Kristina Weber, Conventional/Specialty TV, OMNI

March 24, 2019

Dear Mr. Natale and Ms. Weber

We understand that OMNI (Rogers) will be broadcasting the 2019 Eurovision in Canada.   In this regard, we ask you:

Is a song contest more important than human rights? 

Are advertising dollars worth more than international law? 

Palestinian people have been refugees or second-class citizens since Israel was created in 1948. Since 1967, the people of occupied Palestine have been under a brutal military occupation for over 50 years, and for those in Gaza they have lived under a blockade for a dozen years.  

On Friday (March 22, 2019),  at the close of its 40th regular session, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council adopted on four resolutions on the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), including on accountability within the context of the Great Return March, adopting the recommendations of the UN Commission of Inquiry.  This in particular calls on Israel to lift its closure of the Gaza Strip with immediate effect and to fulfill the right to health of protected Palestinians, including injured protesters from the Great Return March. 

In Canada, Al Haq, and Just Peace Advocates, has a campaign Gaza2020 calling for the Canadian government to take the required steps to ensure its own foreign policy follows that of its responsibility under domestic and international law.   

We call on OMNI/Rogers to join with the majority of Canadians.  The majority of Canadians support the Palestinian call for boycott of Israel, with 78% indicating this to be the case during 2017 EKOS poll.  We trust you would want to align with the majority, and so ask you to cancel your broadcast plans for Eurovision 2019. 

We also invite you to call on the Canadian government to put sanctions in place until the blockade is lifted on Gaza.

We can’t celebrate Eurovision in Israel while the Israeli government enforces apartheid and ongoing human rights abuses against Palestinians. 

Just like the campaign that ended apartheid in South Africa, your international solidarity is vital.

We call you  to cancel your broadcast of Eurovision 2019.  We would be pleased to meet with you to provide more detail.


The Canadian BDS Coalition


While NO Canadian Artists are part of Eurovision 2019 we call you to take the following actions:

  1. write letter to OMNI and Rogers Executive.  Write using this LINK

Joe Natale
President and CEO of Rogers Communications 

Kristina Weber, Conventional/Specialty TV, OMNI

or contact them by mail, phone or fax

. Corporation:Rogers Communications Inc. 
333 Bloor Street East 
Toronto, ON  M4W 1G9
Telephone number:416-935-3535
Fax number:416-935-3538 

2. Tweet to 



and others, reminding them that they are on the WRONG side of HISTORY, and to cancel their contract with Eurovision.

3. Congratulate Yann Martel, Canadian novelist, via Twitter for being on the right side of history, 


4. Reach out to other known artists and personalities in Canada and ask them to join in the “moral majority.” More tools to assist in this outreach will follow, but for now, if you or someone you know wishes to join the “moral majority” of supporting BDS please be in touch at 

5. Support the BDS Australia Campaign. They have graciously shared their campaign material for the Canadian campaign.

Sign petition in support of Australia campaign

Facebook @BDSinAustralia 

Twitter @BDS_Australia

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