Bryan Adams Unplug from Israeli Apartheid before your ONLY Canadian concert on September 30.

Letter sent to Bryan Adams by the Canadian BDS Coalition.

September 23, 2017

Dear Bryan Adams,

“the Israeli blockade of #Gaza just entered its 8th year, leaving its 1.7 million inhabitants destitute” and “I say the war against Gaza was a crime against humanity.”

Your own brave words in 2014 and things in Gaza have not gotten any better – far worse in fact. That’s why we can’t quite understand why you would want to play and share your music in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in December.

We respectfully ask you to cancel your concerts in Israel. By playing them, you will be playing in a state where, United Nations rapporteurs say, “a system of apartheid has been imposed on the Palestinian people.”

No doubt you are being approached by Palestinian campaigners to respect their national call for a cultural boycott of Israel. They made a direct appeal for you because the know how significant it is to have you join with others in taking small steps to help pressure Israel to end its violation of basic human rights and international law.

We in Canada have encourage you to do the same. In fact, this year a syndicated poll by EKOS showed that most Canadians say sanctions and boycott are reasonable measures to defend Palestinian rights:

o Canadians believe overwhelmingly that sanctions are a reasonable way for Canada to censure countries violating international law and human rights,

o Given the UN Security Council’s condemnation of illegal Israeli settlements, a strong majority of Canadians believe that government sanctions on Israel would be reasonable.

o In the context of Israel’s ongoing violations of international law, a very strong majority of Canadians believe that the Palestinians’ call for a boycott of Israel is reasonable.

Bryan, since you spoke out so clearly for the Palestinian people in 2014 during the war on Gaza, we’re hoping you will also stand with them again in 2017. Please let the world cheer you again when you CANCEL your Tel Aviv and Jerusalem performances as it did in 2016 when you cancelled your Mississippi tour date in protest over the state’s anti-LGBT law.

Bryan please tell the world that you do not support apartheid or war crimes. For the sake of justice and peace in the world, please take a principled stand for human rights and international law, and refuse to play in Israel until Apartheid is ended.

You only have one concert in Canada before you are in Israel—we ask you to express prior to your Toronto concert on Friday, September 30, 2017, that you will be cancelling your concerts in Israel. We ask you to invite fellow artists –Bachman and Turner, Coeur De Pirate and Kelly Clarkson, who will be sharing the stage that night to join you in a statement that to stand up for human rights and dignity for all people includes Palestinians, and until the occupation and colonization is ended you will not be playing in Israel.

Bryan, we ask you to unplug from Israeli apartheid, and stand up for the human rights and dignity for all people, including Palestinians.



The Canadian BDS Coalition

cc Bachman and Turner, Coeur De Pirate and Kelly Clarkson





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