Boycott HP week of action


The International Boycott HP Network and the Palestinian BDS National Committee are calling for an international week of action against HP over its role in Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. The Canadian BDS Coalition has endorsed the week of action, which will take place November 25 – December 3 (which includes the UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on November 29).

Why Boycott HP?

In Palestine, Hewlett Packard companies provide imaging for Israel’s apartheid checkpoints and ID cards system; enable Israel’s deadly blockade of the Gaza Strip; provide services to illegal Israeli settlements; and manage people for profit in Israeli prisons where torture is systematic. While claiming to uphold values of social responsibility, HP companies are notorious for involvement in oppressive practices worldwide, like providing technology to enable deportations, mass incarceration, and solitary confinement in the United States.

For more in-depth background on HP’s involvement in the occupation, visit the Boycott HP page on the BDS Movement website, read Technologies of Control: The Case of Hewlett Packard (HP) on or the profile of HP on Investigate.

What individuals can do

Sign the international pledge to boycott HP launched by the BNC and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.

Join the November 29 Thunderclap to amplify the on-the-ground actions through your social media networks.

Sign up to join a social media team to get the word out on social media about the HP Boycott during the week of action.

RSVP to the HP Boycott Week of Action Facebook event for more updates.

What groups can do

The BDS Movement page has a list of 10 ways your group can get involved in the Boycott HP week of action.

Now is a great time to start identifying local HP vendors or researching institutional ties — such as contracts and investments — between HP and your city, university, or faith community. Once you’ve decided how to participate, be sure to sign up to participate and get connected to more information.

If you’re planning an action or event, you can download a handbill or HP Boycott pledge postcard produced by the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid.

You can also watch the recent webinar recordings of Why HP is a Great Target and Building Effective Boycott HP campaigns.

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