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Nakba73 Events

As we approach the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, the Israeli colonization of Palestine and the forced expulsion of Palestinians, the Nakba continues.

May 15 marks 73 years of Palestinian dispossession and attempts to erase Palestine from the map of the world. It also marks decades of Palestinian resistance and refusal to accept Israeli settler colonialism and occupation.

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Nakba73: Flash Picket for Palestine

May 15, 2 pm, CBC Vancouver Plaza (700 Hamilton St.)

Bring your keffiyeh and mask and join us on May 15 for a physically distanced Nakba73 Flash Picket at the CBC Plaza.

May 15 marks 73 years of Palestinian dispossession and attempts to erase Palestine from the map of the world. It also marks decades of Palestinian resistance and refusal to accept Israeli settler colonialism and occupation.

Lets hold the Palestinian flag high in Vancouver; and show CBC that Palestine does indeed exist, contrary to its biased and racist language guide.

Lets also tell the Canadian government that their complicity in Israeli war crimes must end!
FB Event Page

Co-Hosted by BDS Vancouver-Coast SalishCanada Palestine Association, ‎Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM)- حركة الشباب الفلسطيني‎ and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Endorsed by: Independent Jewish Voices Vancouver, Socialist Action BC, and Canadian BDS Coalition

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/511558669861511

The 3rd Annual Nakba Day of Action – Saturday, May 15, 2021

by Socialist Action

May 7, 2021

73 years ago, over 750,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes and their homeland by the establishment of the Zionist state, backed by the big powers. This displacement is ongoing and must be stopped!
Our demands include: End the occupation.
No annexation of any portion of the West Bank.
Lift the siege of Gaza.
Tear down the apartheid wall.
For Israel to provide full health services and vaccination against the pandemic for all Palestinians in the territories it controls.
For the right of all Palestinian refugees to return home.
Boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel and its economy until Palestinian rights are fully respected.
When: Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (EST)
Where: https://youtu.be/t7hA1uUx_6Y
We aim to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people by presenting a number of speakers and performers of music and poetry. If you are part of an organization, please endorse this important event.
Organized by the Greater Toronto BDS Committee, a member of the
Canadian BDS Coalition
For more information call Stephen at 647 869 7651

Rally chairperson: Sarah Abu-Sharar
Rana Shubair – poet (Gaza)
Sue Goldstein – Independent Jewish Voices
Barry Weisleder – Socialist Action
Father Boulos Saleh – witness to Nakba
Yves Engler – Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
Roula Said – singer
Kim Hawkins – Foodbenders
Yara Ghaddan – poet
Dimitri Lascaris – prominent Green Party, activist and lawyer in Montreal
Robert Massoud – Beit Zatoun
Issam Adwan – We are Not Numbers (Gaza)
Ehab Lotayef – poet and activist
Zafar Bangash – Al Quds Committee
James Clark – Spring magazine
Rachelle Friesen – Canada Coordinator, Christian Peacemaker Teams
Herman Rosenfeld, Socialist Project
List of endorsing organizations:
Greater Toronto BDS Coalition, Canadian BDS Coalition, Independent Jewish Voices, PSN Edmonton, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, Oakville Palestine Rights Association, Solidarity with Palestine-St. John’s, NL, Samidoun, Just Peace Advocates, Palestine Canadian Community Centre, Socialist Action, NDP Socialist Caucus, Spring magazine, Socialist Project, and Al Quds Committee

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/840745393203125

Montreal Nakba 73 Car Caravan

Montreal: Nakba 73 – Car Caravan; Saturday, 15 May, 11 am, gather at Pavillon Lafontaine,1301 Sherbrooke East, Montreal, Quebec,

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1846771005496820/

International Event List

Check out list of events around the world on Samdioun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network


#Nakba72: Sanctions not statements is what is required

#Nakba72 like every day, our thoughts are on Right of Return, our hearts are with Palestine and our actions are for sanctions on Israel until right of return is realized.

A few things to check out and participate in over #Nakba72

  1. Check out the interview about  Canadian BDS Coalition  with Karen Rodman, Hanna Kawas and Bruce Katz!

Canada Files talked about the state of the Canadian BDS movement, Israeli apartheid during COVID-19, the Canadian federal politics of BDS and the Green Party’s leadership race.

2. Palestine is indivisable: a virtual rally by Al-Quds Committee, a member of the Canadian BDS Coalition

3. #QudsistheReturn Key

4. BNC events

Online Nakba Day Rally – May 15, 9 PM Palestine time: With speakers and performers including DAM, Janna Jihad, Diana Buttu, Roger Waters and Ken Loach. Organized by Palestine Solidarity Campaign (UK), Jewish Voice for Peace (US), South African BDS Coalition, and the BDS Movement.

5. Nakba event with various partners who are members of the Canadian BDS Coalition including Independent Jewish Voices, and Socialist Action, as well as others including Courage and Palestine House.

Canadian BDS Coalition is endorser of this event.

Independent Jewish Voices Canada's photo.

6. Never Forgotten: 72 Years of Restistance.


7. Petition to the Government of Canada

Almost 1000 signatures. Petition to the Canadian Government calling for end of blockage on Gaza and aligning voting at the United Nations with the rest of the international community. Thanks to Paul Manly for sponsoring.


  • The Palestinian people in Gaza have been under blockade for 13 years;
  • This has resulted in accelerated de-development, and led the United Nations to indicate that Gaza would be unlivable by 2020;
  • COVID-19 has grave potential for human catastrophe in this most densely populated area of the world;
  • Article 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention specifically provides that an occupier has the duty of ensuring and maintaining the measures necessary to combat the spread of contagious diseases and epidemics; and
  • Under Article 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, all high signatories, of which Canada is one, are required to take actions to ensure that violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention do not occur under any circumstance.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to request that Israel immediately lift the blockade on Gaza to enable medical and humanitarian aid during the COVID-19 pandemic, and insist that Israel permanently end its blockade of Gaza; and vote at the UN General Assembly in alignment with the majority of the international community taking a stance in line with international law and human rights for Palestinians.