Palestine Rights Victory on Two Montreal Campuses-McGill and Concordia

BREAKING NEWS: March 22, 2022   This week, two anti-apartheid motions were approved by the student unions of t two Montreal university campuses with over whelming support. The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) approved with 71% vote the Palestine Solidary Policy including boycotts of organizations and corporations complicit in in settler-colonial apartheid, and The …

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Boycott Apartheid, Boycott WIX

Make sure your website is Apartheid-Free! Did you know that the website platform WIX is a  publicly traded Israeli company? The Canadian BDS Coalition is calling on you to #BoycottWIX. When considering your website building platform, please be sure to take a stand against Israeli apartheid. On February 1, 2022, the human rights group Amnesty International published a 280-page report titled “Israel’s apartheid …

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The Canadian BDS Coalition supports declaration by ReImagine Co in London, Ontario to be apartheid-free

The Canadian BDS Coalition welcomes the news that Reimagine Co. in London Ontario has announced it is apartheid free. The Coalition applauds Reimagine Co on being a space of proactive solidarity with the Palestinian people and committing not to sell products from the illegal Israeli settlements or from any Israeli or international company that profits from violations of Palestinian human rights.

The Canadian BDS Coalition encourages businesses, institutes, and community groups across Canada to join in becoming apartheid-free.

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