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Open Shuhada Street 2018 Campaign



The Canadian BDS Coalition joins with Youth Against Settlements in Hebron and people around the world. for #OpenShuhadaSt

Shuhada Street, once the main economic hub in Hebron, has been almost entirely closed to Palestinians since 1994 when an American-born Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire in the Ibrahimi mosque, killing 29 Palestinians and wounding over 100 more. While Israeli settlers roam freely on the streets and carry arms, Palestinian homes and shops are welded shut. Families must pass through checkpoints to reach their homes. Roads in Hebron are divided in half, one side for Jews, and the other for Muslims. Palestinians face daily physical attacks by ideologically extreme and violent settlers and soldiers.

Facts about Shuhada Street and Hebron:
  • Shuhada Street used to be the main marketplace and economic hub in Hebron.
  • The street has remained almost entirely closed for Palestinians since the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in 1994. Israelis and internationals are allowed to walk on the street, but not Palestinians.
  • Palestinian families who live on the street are not allowed to use the main entrance. They are forced to use alleyways, rooftops, and back entrances to enter their homes.
  • Around 850 illegal settlers (according to the UN, the actual number is probably much smaller) live on and nearby the street. This number is set to increase by 20%, with 31 new settlement units being approved for construction.
  • In July 2017, settlers occupied an additional Palestinian home. They have remained there since, despite an Israeli supreme court decision to evict them. Israeli soldiers have established a post at the base of the occupied house to guard them.
  • Israel applies two sets of laws in the West Bank: Israeli settlers live under Israeli civil law, while Palestinians are under Israeli military law. It is apartheid.
  • 513 Palestinian shops in Hebron have been closed by military order.
  • There are 23 permanently staffed checkpoints in Hebron within the 1 square kilometer area that surrounds Shuhada Street.
  • Israeli forces built three new checkpoints in the summer of 2017.
  • Streets in Hebron are divided: one side is for Jews and Christians, while the other is for Palestinians and Muslims.
  • The economy in H2 in Hebron (where 35,000 Palestinians and 850 settlers live) is almost totally destroyed. According to a report from OCHA in 2007, eight out of ten Palestinian adults are unemployed in the old city of Hebron, and 75% are estimated to be living below the poverty line.
  • Private donors are funding Israeli settlements through at least 50 tax-exempt organizations based in the U.S.
    • Between 2009-2013 alone, $220 million was transferred to the settlements in the West Bank as grants by these organizations.
    • In 2013, these organizations raised $73 million and sent $54 million in grants to the settlers and settlements in the West Bank.
    • The organization most affecting Hebron is the Hebron Fund. In 2003, illegal settlers received 45% of their funding from the Hebron Fund. The Hebron Fund is an American organization, with 501c3 charity tax status (tax-exempt), they state that their primary goal is: the “raising of capital for the improvement of daily life for the [Jewish settler] resident of Hebron, Israel”.
  • The finance company Goldman Sachs donated $18,000 in 2013 to the Hebron Fund. Goldman Sachs donated $6,100 in a two year period (2012-2013) to the American Friends, $708,100 to AIPAC and $15,000 to the American Jewish International Relations Institute.

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Humble but Necessary Step BDS Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The Canadian BDS Coalition joins in sharing its gratitude to the Norwegian parliamentarian Bjørnar Moxnes with support of progressive Rødt (Red) Party for officially nominating the BDS movement for Palestinian rights for a Nobel Prize.  The Canadian BDS Coalition congratulates the BNC and all those who are mobilizing civil society and decision makers to say no to apartheid, and yes to justice, equity and freedom for all including Palestine.
 See BNC information HERE.
January 31, 2018

ByBjørnar Moxnes

January 31, 2018 —Norwegian parliamentarian Bjørnar Moxnes officially nominated the BDS movement for Palestinian rights for a Nobel Peace Prize. He did so with the support of his party, the progressive Rødt (Red) Party, explaining why BDS “should be supported without reservation by all democratically-minded people and states.”

Norwegian parliament.

Statement by Norwegian Parliamentarian Bjørnar Moxnes on Nominating the BDS Movement for Palestinian Rights for a Nobel Peace Prize:

As a member of the Norwegian parliament, I proudly use my authority as an elected official to nominate the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nominating the BDS movement for this recognition is perfectly in line with the principles I and my party hold very dear. Like the BDS movement, we are fully committed to stopping an ascendent, racist and right-wing politics sweeping too much of our world, and securing freedom, justice and equality for all people.

Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement and the American Civil Rights movement, the grassroots, Palestinian-led BDS movement is a peaceful, global human rights movement that urges the use of economic and cultural boycotts to end Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights and international law.

The BDS movement seeks to end Israel’s half-century of military rule over 4.5 million Palestinians, including the devastating ten-year illegal siege collectively punishing and suffocating nearly 2 million Palestinians in Gaza, the ongoing forcible eviction of Palestinians from their homes, and the theft of Palestinian land through the construction of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. It seeks equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel, currently discriminated against by dozens of racist laws, and to secure the internationally-recognized legal right of Palestinian refugees to return to homes and lands from which they were expelled. Palestinian refugees constitute nearly 50 percent of all Palestinians, and they are being denied their right to return, guaranteed by law to all refugees, simply because of their ethnicity.

The BDS movement’s aims and aspirations for basic human rights are irreproachable. They should be supported without reservation by all democratically-minded people and states.

The international community has a longstanding history of supporting peaceful measures such as boycotts and disinvestment against companies that profit from human rights violations. International support for such measures was critical in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa and the racist colonial regime in former Rhodesia.

If the international community commits to supporting BDS to end the occupation of Palestinian territory and the oppression of the Palestinian people, new hope will be lit for a just peace for Palestinians, Israelis and all people across the Middle East.

The BDS movement has been endorsed by prominent figures, including the former Nobel Peace Prize winners Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire. It is gaining support from unions, academic associations, churches, and grassroots movements for the rights of refugees, immigrants, workers, women, indigenous peoples and the LGBTQI community. It is increasingly embraced by progressive Jewish groups and anti-racist movements across the world.

Eleven years since BDS’ launch, it’s high time for us to commit to doing no harm, and for all states to withdraw their complicity in Israel’s military occupation, racist apartheid rule, ongoing theft of Palestinian land, and other egregious human rights violations.

Awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to the BDS movement would be a powerful sign demonstrating that the international community is committed to supporting a just peace in the Middle East and using peaceful means to end military rule and broader violations of international law.

My hope is that this nomination can be one humble but necessary step towards bringing forth a more dignified and beautiful future for all peoples of the region.



Omar Barghouti call for South African moment to get Israeli boots off Palestine’s neck

Omar Barghouti is being BANNED by Israel from going to see his mother who is having a critical cancer surgery in Jordan


English and Arabic below.

Dear all,

​This is to share with you that ​Israel has effectively banned me from traveling to Amman, Jordan to accompany my mother ​during an upcoming critical surgery.

My mother, Wafieh Barghouti, is 75 years old. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and has been fighting it every since with bravery, dignity, and lots of her typically stinging political commentary on Facebook!

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Air Canada

Air Canada Cancels Maintenance Contract with Israel Aerospace Industries

For Immediate Release
Nov. 5, 2017

The Canadian BDS Coalition was recently informed by Air Canada management that the 5-year, multi-million dollar contract with Israel Aerospace Industries Bedek Group [IAI] for heavy maintenance on Air Canada B767 jets was terminated in “early 2017”, with two years remaining. The maintenance work will now be undertaken by another, as yet unnamed, provider in North America. Continue reading

York Faculty boycotts Israeli academic institution – Canadian first

The Canadian BDS Coalition joins in offering congratulations to d the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) at York on their historic Canadian first!

Note: at the subsequent FES meeting the minutes from the October 26, 2017 minutes were approved, and a subsequent vote was called to overturn this action.  This vote did not succeed, so the motion stands.  There was denouncing of this decision by the York University President, and indication by the FES Dean that the vote was only a recommendation.

The Canadian BDS Coalition congratulates the graduate student, her supporters and the FES faculty for this partial victory, and calls on the Dean of FES and the University of York President to do the right thing, and notify that this contract will NOT be renewed.                                                                                                                                                                              Continue reading